RankReveal Review – Rank Reveal Keywords Ranking Tool


RankReveal Keywords Ranking Tool by Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan has released a new tool called RankReveal, World’s 1st “Reverse Rank Tracking” Technology that will reveal every keywords that your website is ranking on popular Search Engines.

With this keywords ranking tool you don’t have to spent countless hours and sleepless nights searching for your target keywords on Google one by one, trying to find out where they rank.

Because RankReveal tracking tool will do all the job for you. Check out RankReveal video demo and full features below.


What is RankReveal?

RankReveal Review - Reverse Rank Tracking for SEO

RankReveal will reveal all the keywords you are currently ranking on Google and Bing, that you never knew existed!

Conventional rank tracking tools can only tell where your website is ranking from the keywords you provide.

RankReveal Features

Check out RankReveal full features below that make you need to use this rank tracking tool right away.

Unfold All Ranking Keywords That Were Once Untold

Unfold All Ranking Keywords That Were Once Untold

Now you can really discover thousands of keywords for your website. No more searching one-by-one and no more struggles. Within a few clicks and you will be surprised to uncover all the keywords you never knew you were ranking on!


Proprietary RankingGraph Data

Proprietary RankingGraph Data

We’ve built one of the largest and expansive semantic Ranking Graph that consistently monitors all search engines for website movement on keep-alive basis. It’s secretly powering our internal campaigns until now. We are making this available to you. You no longer have to crack your head guessing what other keywords you may be ranking on search engines. Let RankReveal do the job for you!


Real-Time Rank Tracking

RankReveal Real-Time Rank Tracking

With RankReveal, you will now be able to track all keywords across all the search engines like Google and Bing. RankReveal ensures all data are collected on real-time basis and refreshes every single day.


Accurate Rank Tracking
Instant Ranking Notification

RankReveal knows how important accuracy means to you. We consistently achieve up to 99.999% accuracy in tracking ranking positions across all search engines by building one of the best RankingGraph packed with the most reliable data across all search engines.


Instant Ranking Notification

Instant Ranking Notification

RankReveal will notify you whenever you have a new keyword ranking into the seach engines. That means you won’t miss out a heart beat of knowing what keyword your site is currently ranking.


Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experience

You will now be able to monitor all your projects easily with our all-in-one dashboard. It’s so clear, so easy to use you are going to create your first project within 30 seconds.


Comprehensive Local Rank Tracking

Comprehensive Local Rank Tracking RankReveal Features

You will now be able to monitor and track up to 175+ countries covering Google and Bing across all 6 continents. And we are continually adding new countries as and when Google/Bing adds more.


Track Your Competitors’ Rankings

Track Your Competitors' Rankings

You will now be able to know your competitor’s movement in and out. And since you know all of their keywords now, don’t you think you have a better advantage over them!


RankReveal Plans and Pricing

If you like the features and benefits that come with RankReveal, you can get started with it by choosing one of these four pricing options below:

  1. $19/month for tracking 200 keywords and on unlimited domains
  2. $69/month for tracking 800 keywords and on unlimited domains
  3. $99/month for tracking 1200 keywords and on unlimited domains
  4. $199/month for tracking 2500 keywords and on unlimited domains

Make sure you check RankReveal video demo below for more information.


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