Quitting Cigarettes Gadgets to the Rescue


There are millions of Americans who would love to quit smoking today. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Most of those smokers have war stories of failed attempts to kick the habit. The key to quitting is to find what works for you. Combining a love of gadgets with a drive to quit smoking is a winning strategy. Below are some of the newest technologies that can help you stop today.

Locking Cigarette Cases

If you’re looking to cut back, reducing your access to your tobacco supply is key. At the same time, entirely cutting yourself off from your smokes is only likely to lead you to the nearest convenience store for another carton. Self-locking cigarette cases offer an elegant solution by only opening up at certain times. They offer the comfort and anxiety reduction of knowing that you have your nicotine fix on hand, while simultaneously helping you ration and restrict your usage and develop healthier habits.

Graduated Filters

Filters are a common part of most popular cigarette brands. The filter helps to cut the amount of the chemicals that reach your system. These filters, however, allow enough nicotine to get through to maintain an addiction. Enter the graduated filter. A graduated filter is an extension to a normal tobacco cigarette, attaching on the end of the regular filter. Graduated filters absorb more of the nicotine and other substances than the filters already in the cigarette, letting you gradually cut the nicotine dose you get from each smoke.


Quitting Cigarettes Gadgets to the Rescue

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One new technology for quitting smoking is vaping. Vaping is a process whereby substances, of which nicotine is often one, are heated until they change into a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user, or vaper. Vaping not only carries fewer health risks than tobacco smoking, but it also allows flexibility in the quitting process by letting users adjust the nicotine content in their mixtures. The new Vaporcade Jupiter combines an Android smart phone with a vaporizer in one easily portable package. This is one example of how to quickly integrate vaping into your life.

Diary Apps

Smartphone technology can also help you with quitting smoking. Various apps let you track your daily smoking intake, calculating your nicotine dosage and forming a plan that will aid you as you scale back. These apps work great with vaping by allowing you to adjust the amount of nicotine in your vaping fluid, also known as “e-liquid,” over time. This can double the utility of the aforementioned Jupiter smart phone, as you can use it both to vape and to track the nicotine content of your e-liquid.

Although quitting smoking is a formidable task, it is not an impossible one. The decrease in active smokers in the United States is proof of that. Quitting is easier if you can incorporate things you enjoy like the latest in modern technology for gadget heads. Look around and find the approach that works for you, and remember, you are not alone.

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