Printed Bulbs


When I think of light bulbs, I think of how hot they are, how they give me light at night, and how easy they are to break! From Karl D.D. Willis & Eric Brockmeyer, one of the Spark Award design contest entry comes “Printed Bulbs”. A light bulb design that simply fantastic!

Printed Bulbs is a great design, you may ask? Well, let me tell you, the ‘Printed Bulbs’ series explores new forms for light bulbs that reimagine the conventional ‘Edison bulb’ with a specialized 3D printing process. Within the clear bulb material internal structures are carefully designed to guide and reflect light. Internal bubbles are precisely created by slowly closing up small self-supporting air gaps.

From the designer;

Light from the LED is reflected off the bubbles to create unique illumination patterns. Light pipes are used to guide light from point to point using a secondary material. Light enters and reflects continuously through the pipe before exiting at the other end. These techniques can be fabricated entirely in a 3D printer to enable new form factors for lighting design. The finished bulb is attached to a universally compatible energy-efficient LED light socket. Each light bulb can be attached to any existing lighting fixture, such as a chandelier or desk lamp, or used individually as a pendant lamp or free-standing light.

The truth of the matter is: Printed Bulbs design are innovative, cheap, energy efficient, and sure I would love to have this in my home.

Printed Bulbs Printed Bulbs Printed Bulbs

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