The Most Popular Car Gadgets of 2014


With every passing year the sophistication of car gadgets increases, though some of the older ones remain popular. Here is a selection of the most popular ones that we’ve found at More Th>n that people are buying in 2014.

Dashboard video cameras

These are becoming increasing popular as a way of avoiding insurance scams. They are small video camera that mount on the dashboard and record all that is visible in from of the car through the windscreen. The data is stored on a memory card and it can be downloaded onto a computer. Around on hour of video is recorded and then overwritten so maintain a record of the last hour of driving.

Car vacuum

Car vacuum cleaners are a particularly popular car accessory with pet owners, especially those with dogs that shed their hair. If the dog hair isn’t kept under control it can end up covering everything, but a few minutes every day with a car vac is all you need to solve the problem.

Bicycle carrier

We are becoming a nation of cyclists, and when families head off for family holiday or a short break in the countryside many of them take their bikes. Bicycle carriers have come a long way, as of course have bikes.

Sat Nav

Although sat nav has been around for many years now and it is incorporated in many cars, it is still one of the most popular car accessories, and sat nav makers such as Tom-Tom and Garmin are continually coming up with new features that ensure that we keep buying them.  Where would we be without sat nav?

Head-Up Display

Heads up displays aren’t only for fighter pilots; they are finding a niche amongst car owners.  They are able to project all the information you need onto the windscreen meaning that you no longer need to glance at your speedometer.

Hands free kits

If you have one of the latest Android smartphones or an Apple iPhone then all you need for complete hands free experience is a mobile phone holder, and these are very popular accessories, but, if you want to fully integrate your in-car entertainment system with your smartphone, then you will need a Bluetooth kit to do so. There are built into many of the newer models, but otherwise they are relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to set up.

Rear viewing camera system

While some high end cars incorporate rear view cameras they are becoming increasingly popular as an add-on accessory. By giving the driver a complete view of what is going on behind can be a boon when parking in a tight spot and ensuring that nobody is walking behind the car.

Reversing sensors

These are ultrasonic sensors which are activated when the car is reversing and which provide an audible warning when the car is getting close to an obstruction such as another car. The warning begins as a series of pips which get closer as the car gets nearer to the obstruction and becomes a continuous tone when the obstruction is dangerously close.

Featured image credit: woman sitting in a car with her finger touching electronic controls/ShutterStock

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