Peace from Within: Ways to Rest and Rejuvenate at Whistler, B.C.


Living in the city is great for work but we all need to unwind and unplug from the stresses and strains of daily life in the metropolis from time to time, which is why a bit of R&R Whistler style, might be the order of the day.

If you want to “find yourself” for a few days and restore some of that inner peace, you might to search Whistler accommodations and arrange to take advantage of some of the great ways to relax in the area.

Relaxation – Scandinavian style

The Scandinave Spa at Whistler is probably the most unique spa in B.C and offers you some serious pampering and de-stressing options in a glorious setting that lightens your mood immediately.

You might to try the age-old Finnish tradition of soaking and soothing away your worries in an outdoor bath, with heated solariums nearby so that you never have to worry about the weather.

A typical day at the spa might start with a calming eucalyptus bath or a trip to the sauna, followed by a Nordic waterfall and then relax by one of the outdoor fireplaces, before doing it all again in true Scandinavian fashion.

Treat yourself to a Sweet Retreat

Another popular spa in Whistler is the Avello Spa & Health Club and one of the packages you might want to consider is their Sweet Retreat package.

This gives you a whole day of me time, with a spa session, use of the health club and pool and a lazy lunch. The Avello works on the basis that relaxing and wellness should go hand in hand with socializing, which is a good reason why it is a popular choice for visitors to this part of B.C.

Fresh air and exercise

There are plenty of regular visitors to Whistler who actually look forward to the snow disappearing, as it means that one of the most epic mountain biking parks on the planet, comes out to play.

Relaxing and pampering are needed to recharge the body but there are plenty of positive benefits to getting on your bike and getting some serious fresh air and exercise, in order to feel rejuvenated.

Whistler offers an amazing 200km of lift-serviced trails to follow and you are spoilt for choice, with either a relaxing lakeside bike path to enjoy the scenery and fill your lungs with fresh air, or you can opt for one of the adrenaline-pumping downhill trails available.

Lazy river day

You can also enjoy a relaxing day on the river when you meander along the River of Golden Dreams.

There is actually a river with that name in Whistler and you can hire a suitable vessel to take a self-guided tour along it or sign up to one of the organized tours which combine paddling with wildlife and make you feel like you are truly one with nature in such a beautiful setting.

Long before Whistler became famous as a top ski resort, its lakes and rivers were already hugely popular for recreational purposes, so head to the area and find your inner peace for a few days at least.

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