Ordinary Products That Have Become Extraordinary Thanks to Technology


New developments in technology bring big changes to the table, turning even the most basic devices into something new and exciting. Many products started out as mundane tools, but they’ve since evolved into gadgets that benefit people in a major way. Here are four products that have become extraordinary thanks to technology.

Wireless Headphones: From Clunky to Fashion Forward

Ordinary Products That Have Become Extraordinary Thanks to Technology

Image via Flickr by Carlos Varela

Once large and clunky, headphones evolved to become small and petite and now sleek and wireless. With improved technology, users can now pair headphones with a music device or smartphone in order to enjoy all of their music without any of the wires. Since most traditional headphones malfunction or become unusable due to wire-related problems, wireless headphones have an even greater advantage. Not only do they deliver great sound, but they are also an environmentally friendly solution since they require replacement less often.

Many wireless headphones now make fashion statements, too. These accessories appear in high end clothing ads, and some superstars even attach their names to their own line of headphones.

Health Monitors: From Pedometers to Smart Devices

What started as a basic pedometer has evolved into a series of devices that help users address issues like weight loss, smoking, and exercise. These wearable devices track a variety of health stats. No matter what issue or health condition you want to track, there’s a health monitor available for you. Users tune into their heart rate, body temperature, and other stats via sensors and a small microchip.

Thanks to advances in microprocessing, health monitors have become a tool of change. The data that these devices gather can even guide traditional doctor visits, since many health monitors make sharing data with your doctor a breeze.

Smart Watches: From Timepieces to Wearable Art

Like health monitors, smart watches are becoming highly sought-after products. With these devices, users no longer have to locate and turn on their smartphones or tablets. Now they can simply glance at their wrists for the latest information. Smart watches offer a range of high-tech features such as navigation, voice activation, and voice-to-text. Smartpieces from LG take information and turn it into wearable art.

Smart Thermostats: From Manual Devices to Energy Savers

Thermostats have been a stationary tool for decades, but with wireless technology, smart thermostats have become a tool for conservation. By pairing smart thermostats with a smartphone, homeowners can gain control over household energy usage.

With these devices, you can set the HVAC system to turn off in the morning when when everyone leaves for the day. You can also program the thermostat to turn the HVAC system back on in the afternoon before everyone returns home. With this technology, there’s no longer a reason to pay to heat or cool your home when you’re not around, and you can take a big step toward lowering your carbon footprint.

In just a short period of time, technology has led products like these to improve consumers’ lives in big ways. Which of these gadgets would most improve your quality of life?

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