The Mysteries Of The Industry's Unknown Jobs

The Mysteries Of The Industry's Unknown Jobs

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Searching for work is difficult whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate or you’re in the midst of a career that you’ve realized you truly hate. You search through endless job sites, listings in the paper and perhaps even visit your local job center. There’s no luck, as all the decent jobs seem to be taken and the remaining ones merge into one cluster of uninteresting possibilities. You start wonder whether your qualifications are the issue, or perhaps you start to wonder whether it’s just a bad time for the economy, or you’re living in the wrong place.

Perhaps the problem, however, is that you’re following the same path as every other jobseeker. You’re looking in the same areas, when you could be widening your search to suit your skills. In fact, even if you don’t have the right skills for certain industries, perhaps you’ll change your mind and want to get them when you realize that there are far more career opportunities in certain seemingly “boring” or non-existent business sectors than you might have initially thought was the case. Here are some of the mysterious unknown job roles within certain industries if you’re struggling to find the perfect career.

Social media.

Perhaps you’ll scoff at this as you think of the vain and self-obsessed people on Instagram or the strange dog filters on Snapchat, but social media is an industry now. As explained over on, businesses are starting to recognize the potential of social media. If it’s a platform which is attracting lots of platform, then it’s going to become a platform which attracts lots of businesses. That’s how the world works; where the people are, that’s where the money is. If you’re tech-savvy and people-savvy, then this could be a dream could true for you.

As a young person who understands the world of social media inside and out, you’re invaluable to so many companies without even realizing it. You could be managing social media accounts for all manner of businesses, and studying trends or analytics doesn’t seem so tiresome when you’re doing so for websites which actually interest you. Still, even though it requires more technical training than personal social media usage, the fact of the matter is that you could be getting paid to tweet, upload Instagram pictures and connect with fellow social media users. There are worse careers.


This is a very specific industry, but the points I’ll make here are applicable to sciences in general; you don’t have to become a stereotypical scientist developing complex cures or drugs in a lab. Well, you might end up in a lab coat from time to time, but the point is that your qualifications in very specific subject areas don’t have to push you down a narrow path. You could become a fragrance chemist, for example, which involves using the beauty of science to develop perfumes and other sweet-smelling toiletries.

The Mysteries Of The Industry's Unknown Jobs

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Technology rules the world, and you probably think you know all the careers that exist out there for a computer-savvy boffin if you are one. However, your skills could be put to use in far more fascinating ways than coding the same old programs endlessly or fixing issues for big corporate types when their computers break. You could look into video game testing (yes, that’s actually a paid job) to check for bugs and other measures of quality.

You could check out and look into getting qualified for a career in cyber security, as keeping systems safe from attackers and online threats is far more exciting and fast-paced than many other tech-based jobs. You could even look into research and development for high-level sectors of government organizations. The list really is endless, and it all depends on how far you want to push not only your education but your job search.


Accountancy is one of those career types that elicits a heavy, bored sigh whenever it’s mentioned. The thought of working for some huge bank or financial firm and feeling unstimulated by the end goals of such an organization might deter you from considering a career in accountancy, but it shouldn’t if your brain is geared towards numbers, analytics and statistics.

There are exciting career opportunities out there, as explains that accountancy broadly entails helping others with money; perhaps that could involve a charity which means a lot to you. In fact, if you’re looking for something with a little substance and intrigue, forensic accounting could be a great line of work for your analytical mind. You could uncover hidden information related to complex crimes, such as tax evasion and fraud. Uncovering the secrets of data can be a very exciting line of work.


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