Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials


Have you recently purchased a new computer, but are not able to do everything you would like to with it? Are you struggling to find your way onto the internet? Are you unable to type up essential work or school documents? Are you unable to go on Netflix to watch “Stranger Things”?

It is highly likely that you currently do not have the necessary hardware and software needed to do these aforementioned things on your new computer. Below is a list of five computer essentials that you may be currently missing.

Internet connection and wireless router

Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials

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Without contacting an internet service provider and purchasing a wireless router, you will unfortunately not be able to browse the internet. In order to go online, contact a local internet service provider – utilise a website such as Uswitch to find the best value deal available in your area – and an engineer will come out to your home to install an internet connection. After installation, you will be provided with a password which you will need to type into your computer in order to authorise your access to the internet.

Google Chrome

Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials

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Once you have connected to the internet, you will need to download a browser in order to go onto websites, watch Netflix, use social media etc. There are a number of different browsers available free of charge, but the best of the bunch is undoubtedly Google Chrome. The Chrome browser is the easiest to use, as it has the Google search bar embedded into the graphical control element address bar, allowing you to search Google for websites quickly and efficiently. When you open your browser, Google Chrome also places your eight most visited websites in tabular form on the page, which allows you to quickly access your favourite webpages.

Microsoft Office

Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials

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Did you purchase a computer with the intention of doing work or academic studies? If you did, Microsoft Office is a must buy. Microsoft Office is the most surprisingly expensive piece of software you can purchase; but it is also an essential piece of software. Microsoft Office allows its users to: type up documentation, create slideshows, draw graphs, create timetables etc. It is arguably the most useful software that is currently available on the market.

Security Software

Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials

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Like Microsoft Office, security software can be quite expensive to purchase; but it is also extremely important. Installing comprehensive security software wille ensure that you will not encounter any issues regarding online hackers and online scams. It is essential that you protect your personal information on the web by purchasing security software through the use of a Bitdefender coupon.

HDMI cable

Must Buy: The Five Computer Essentials

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If you are interested in using your new computer or laptop to watch television shows or movies on Netlfix or Amazon Prime, but do not want to watch them on a small computer screen; a HDMI cable is a fantastic purchase. These cables can be bought for as little as £1 in a local pound shop, and can be used to project your computer or laptop screen onto your much larger television screen.

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