Mobile Internet and how it is Spurring an African Technological Revolution


A decade ago, most African countries were still struggling to rise from years of colonialism and mistakes made by new amateur governments. While the rest of the world moved forward rapidly in industrial growth and technology, Africa was still trying to figure out its politics.

Compare then and now where various countries on the continent are making waves on an international scale due to their technological innovations.

One factor that unifies these innovations is the mobile internet connectivity behind them. A good example is Mpesa from Kenya.

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It relies heavily on mobile use but it has nonetheless impressed even the best of tech minds in the world. The ease of availability of cheap mobile phones with internet connection is making things even easier.

Service delivery through mobile

Almost all innovations in the technology sector are geared at improving service delivery to the common citizen. While people in developed western countries can boast of having access to their money whenever they want or buying something from the comfort of their houses, the same cannot be said of Africa. Here, even the most basic of services such as health, suffer greatly in delivery.

This is why innovations like Mpesa are gaining widespread popularity in the continents. In other countries, online retail stores have been introduced allowing people to order products online. In Ghana, buyers and sellers can meet online through OLX which offers free ads in Ghana. Elsewhere, people are creating review sites for hotels and other services so as to provide people with an idea of what they are going to get.

The future is unlimited

The potential for growth in the continent is unlimited. Young creative minds are coming together to create amazing and highly beneficial inventions. This has created hope in improving service delivery in the health, education, business and other sectors.

A positive consequence of mobile internet growth in Africa has been better political governance. More people can now lend their voices to how the country is run. Hopefully, this will create the ideal political environment for growth of business and technology on the continent.

Featured Image Credit: Smiling African Business Woman/ShutterStock

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