Malaysian Election 2013 Infographic – Pilihanraya Malaysia 2013


Malaysian Election 2013 Infographic

Malaysia will hold general elections on May 5, according to many, Malaysia Election 2013 could be the toughest test of the ruling coalition’s 56-year grip on power in Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy.

Opinion polls and survey suggest a narrow victory for the National Front led by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is under pressure to restore the two-thirds majority the coalition lost for the first time in 2008.

Recently, Ensurvey, a company that run a paid survey from Malaysia has showed us their latest survey. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have a slight edge over Barisan National (BN) on favourability of the people.

Here is the result for the latest Malaysia Election 2013 survey;

The survey had gathered hundreds of likes on Facebook and 450 strong responses consists of 64% Malays, 32% Chinese, 4% from Indians and others, is aiming to reach out to 2,000 Malaysian respondents aged 21 and above for their feedbacks by this coming General Election 13 on 5 May 2013.

Geographically, the distribution of the respondents are coming from the thirteen states, including Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur except Labuan.

With the question who do people favour in this coming GE 13, 37.86% gave their support to BN, 43.21% for PR, while this gives a slight upper hand to PR coalition, there’s as much as 18.93% that haven’t made up their mind yet, both the coalitions will need to go extra miles to close on to this group of fence sitters.

It is absolutely for better future of the country for the future generations, we hope all well for Malaysia and strongly encourage all Malaysians to continue to give us your support to participate and share the live result of our pre-election polling.

Malaysian Election 2013 – The Result

How about YOU? Who is winning the heart of the people of Malaysia in upcoming Malaysia Election 2013? Share you thought below.


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