Make the Maximum Out Of Rainmeter – Install Cool and Elegant Skins or Widgets

Make the Maximum Out Of Rainmeter – Install Cool and Elegant Skins or Widgets

It is human nature that everyone gets bored of things they use and see daily. Similarly, people do get bored of their desktops and start to get irritated of their PC’s. And to get over this irritating situation, most of the people – including me (sometimes) download new wallpapers to change the feel and the look of the desktop, and then after a week or so, download another wallpaper.

Well, these wallpapers get piled up on your PC and make it look a bit messy, so why not use something which has those “all in one” features. Well, there is something like that, and that is Rainmeter – it allows the users to customize their desktops and change the whole skins just like GO Launcher for Android.

There are already a lot of default skins which come with Rainmeter, but apart from them, there are many other skins as well, which are available for download on the internet. These skins are in fact a bunch of customizable wallpapers, widgets and taskbars.

Anyways, enough with breaking the ice now, let us begin with the major piece now. If you also want to get started with Rainmeter and customize your desktop right away then here are the best usage techniques for Rainmeter – Download and Install elegant-looking skins.

Starting Off

The first thing you need to do before customizing your desktop with Rainmeter is of course to download and install Rainmeter on your PC. You can download the latest version of Rainmeter from the official website of Rainmeter by heading over to this link. After downloading it, open the setup and install Rainmeter on your PC and also make sure that you restart your PC.

Now before we describe the scoop even further, I highly recommend you to play a bit with Rainmeter yourself. And after you are well aware of the features, begin with reading this article even further.

Where to Find the Best and the Most Elegant Looking Skins for Rainmeter

Now the next step after downloading and installing Rainmeter on your PC is to look out for the best and the most beautiful skins for it. Well, the most common way to find the best skins for Rainmeter is to Google them up. But there are a few direct ways as well – these are the most well known websites for Rainmeter Skins. Here are the following websites –

Visit these files and choose the skin which you find the most elegant. Don’t be impatient at this stage, take your time to find out the one you like the most.

Install the Skin You Liked the Most

After you are done with downloading your favourite skin for Rainmeter, the next step is to install it. In case you don’t know how to do it then here is how – navigate to the folder where you downloaded the skin, double click on the skin’s file (.zip file or .rmskin file). The setup will open automatically and the theme will get installed.

After it is installed, right-click on Rainmeter>configs and now select the skin you recently installed. Boom! The skin will now appear on your desktop.


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