Make Your Office More Inviting To Visitors With These Tips


Your office is the main hub for your business. It’s a place where your staff will spend most of their day working. But, it’s also a location where you will sometimes receive visitors. You might not think it, but your office could be anything but inviting to those guests!

When we work in an office, we get used to all kinds of annoyances and quirks. Prospective clients, for example, might not feel comfortable with such a laid back attitude. Especially when it concerns safety.

In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you some tips on how to make your office more inviting to visitors. By following those tips, people will have a memorable experience of their visit. For the right reasons, of course!

Make Your Office More Inviting To Visitors With These Tips

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Make sure your reception area is bright and contemporary

First impressions always count, especially when it comes to business. How do you think your visitors would feel turning up to a dark and dirty reception area? They will be more inclined to leave rather than stay and meet with you!

If your reception area has seen better days, renovate it. Paint the walls a bright color and get some comfortable sofas for people to sit on. Add some attractive artwork to the walls and illuminate the area with daylight LEDs.

Offer your visitors food and drink

Your visitors will most likely feel parched after their journey and want some refreshments. Make available a selection of hot and cold beverages. You should also consider having some food available for them to eat. Examples include freshly prepared sandwiches and snacks.

If your visitors don’t eat them, your office staff will be more than happy to consume them!

Keep unwanted visitors out of your building

You’ll no doubt have various security measures in place to keep intruders out of your office. But, what have you done to keep out pests like rodents?

Make Your Office More Inviting To Visitors With These Tips

Image Source: Flickr

If you know there’s a problem at your building, you need to use some pest control services. That way, your visitors won’t see a rat in your kitchen, meeting room or any other part of your building.

Offer fast and free Wi-Fi

Visitors will no doubt wish to go online from their smartphones and laptops. To make the process easier for them, you could offer a reliable Wi-Fi connection for them.

I recommend installing a Wi-Fi security appliance on your network. That way, you can segregate your wireless networks into different zones. For instance, one zone is for visitors and offers no LAN access. The other is only for members of staff to use.

Be sure to fit Wi-Fi access points at various locations in your building. One obvious place is by the sofas in your reception area. Another is in your meeting room.

Make sure your staff are happy

If your visitors look at miserable workers that spend their time on job sites, you need to fix that issue. Find out why your team is unhappy and put things right.

You want to make sure your visitors have a positive experience at your premises. You don’t want them to think that your staff hate you!

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