Ketchup Presser Design

Ketchup Presser is a simple and clever design by Hwandong Lee, Myung Gyu Kim, Nari Lee & Taeno Yoon. It’s a design that can be use by millions of user around the world that love fast food. Ketchup Presser design requires very less explanation, make sure you read simple description below and watch short video that demonstrates how to use Ketchup Presser.

What is Ketchup Presser

The tray mat contains toxic substances and the ink on the mat is hazardous to human bodies. We are consuming these unhealthy chemicals while dipping in the ketchup squeezed on the tray mat. Conventional Ketchup tube is not very easy to squeeze all the ketchup out without getting some of it on your hands. Having flipped the side protruding wing area, ketchup is inserted in between the wing. You can get all the ketchup out by holding the flipped part and pulling the tube through. You can pull the tube through the hole to squeeze the ketchup. You may now have easy, convenient and clean meal with the Ketchup Presser.

Designers: Hwandong Lee, Myung Gyu Kim, Nari Lee & Taeno Yoon

Ketchup Presser Photos & Video

Ketchup Presser Design Ketchup Presser Design

via: Yanko


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