Introducing Google TV

Introducing Google TV

The year 2012 was a big for technology. We saw a flux of new and improved new tablets, like Apple’s mini iPad and the Kindle Fire HD, there was the release of Sony’s Personal 3D Viewer and the world’s smallest digital camera, Android’s social media orientated cameras in addition to several other gadgets. However, this year, the technology that will be available to us is pushing those boundaries even further. At the recent CES 29013 in Las Vegas, the Chinese manufacturer TCL debuted a range of products, including the TCL MoVo with Google TV.

TCL, which is the largest television manufacturer in China and the seventh largest mobile device maker in the world, is the first to offer Smart TV and set-top box by utilizing the Google TV platform. This enhanced form of television viewing allows automatically recognizes individuals and tailors their viewing experience based on their preferences, continuing the philosophy Google adopted in their Google Now app as part of the Android Jelly Bean upgrade.

Spearheading the SmartTV market, Google TV completely changes the way people watch television. MoVo takes advantage of GoogleTV’s setup by incorporating its Voice Search and Prime Time functions, which scans over 100,000 movies and television episodes from numerous video services. It also has voice recognition, advanced multimedia search, and top-notch video, sound and connectivity through Marvell’s advanced technology. Upon turning the television on, individual family members will receive streams of commercial-free content that is customized to their viewing preferences.

Introducing Google TV
TCL MoVo with Google TV

A multitude of innovative and improved gadgets were unveiled at CES. Everything from waterproof smartphones and new apps to smaller tablets and thinner notebooks were on display for the tech world. The most impressive were those that improve our entertainment experience, like MoVo with Google TV and the curved LG television screen.

LG ‘s curved OLED TV is definitely not like the old curved televisions your parents used to have. The new television screen, with an inverted curve, is said to enhance viewing angles and provide an experience that is IMAX-like. LG’s incredibly thin model displays immense clarity, extremely vivid colors and has Smart Touch Control.

LG also announced that its flagship television OLED television set, which was unveiled at CES last year, will finally hit the U.S. market this March. Representatives say it will cost about $12,000. The 55 inch television was the first of its kind and even won CNET’s highest honor.

That is a hefty price tag, so if you’re planning on getting your hands on LG’s television, at least you have time to save up some money before it comes to the UK market. If you’re running out of ideas on how to make more money, you can always sell your old, outdated gadgets like phones, computers, televisions and games on musicMagpie. That way, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest tech trends and have the ultimate TV viewing experience with an ultra HD TV screen and the customized MoVo with Google TV system.


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