The Importance of Quality over Quantity in Business


Having what is perceived to be the best version of something rather than having many, less valuable versions of it, is always best. We are taught as children that this is the case, and as adults we practice it in a bid to spend our money wisely. Sometimes, however, in business the mantra of quality over quantity is forgotten. Sometimes, a business can favour the latter in an attempt to drum up more business. If you are a business owner then make sure to read on in order to find the areas that you can target — both online and offline — where you should be going for quality rather than quantity.

The Importance of Quality over Quantity in Business

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When it comes to your marketing techniques and campaigns, choosing quality is pivotal. Working by the mantra that less is more when you market and advertise your business is pivotal for a number of reasons. One reason is that quality helps forge relationships with potential customers, quantity does not. When you offer up a barrage of marketing content in order to broaden your reach you show yourself to be a business that is only interested in drumming up business. Furthermore, you show yourself to be a business that doesn’t care who it does business or strikes up relationships with. But customers like to feel that a business wants to specifically do business and forge a relationship with them. They like to feel appreciated and valued. And these are the feelings you should try to distill in your marketing campaigns. You need to tailor the content within these campaigns so that they stand out to the right people. You need deliver them at the right time. And you need to deliver them in the right places. It’s okay to have more than one campaign at a time, just as long as you don’t have too many and they aren’t too overpowering.

But you shouldn’t opt for quality rather than quantity just because it bodes better with customers. No, you should also do so to save both your your efforts. When it comes to promoting your business online then it is prudent to place it in a business web directory. But this shouldn’t be just any directory. And it doesn’t mean using thousands of directories either. Sending your business to a boatload of different directories that have no real reach or authority in your field is worthless, and if you do so you will be wasting your efforts. You should choose an authoritative one, and a small number of the like, to promote your business on. And you should also opt for quality rather than quantity when it comes to your business’s use of social media. You should seek to publish and post quality content that is going to engage your audience. You should record a video and upload it. You should run a competition. You should take your time to host a Q&A session. You shouldn’t, however, take to promoting your business every five minutes via status updates. If you do, not only will your efforts be in vain, but you will also come across as tacky to your audience.

Opting for quantity can also have a detrimental impact on your financial resources too. The truth is, everything you do in business comes with some sort of financial risk. At the end of the day, as a business owner it is always your money you are risking, whether you opt for quality or quantity. But when you opt for quantity you are risking your money even more so simply because you are backing weak strategies. By backing a number of weak strategies you put the money you invested into backing them at risk, no matter how many there are of them. But if you invest in a quality strategy that is certain to provide you with a return on investment, then you can rest assured that you will at least get something back. Because of this, in business, it really should be a case of quality over quantity — both off- and online — every time.

In order to allow your business the best possible opportunity at both landing and keeping a customer, you have to opt for quality. And to save your time and efforts from being wasted (which is cardinal sin in business) you have to opt for quality also. In truth, you have to let go of quantity and move ahead with quality if you really want to make a success of your business in all of its aspects. So, what are you waiting for? Retract that quantity and go forth with quality!

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