WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? Which is Better?

When you make the decision to create a blog one of the most important things that you have to consider is which theme you will go with. To make things a little easier for you, in this article we will provide you with guidance to help you select the best WordPress theme for your blog.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

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List the Features You Desire

Unless you have the experience to customize your theme once installed, it is best to go with a theme that has all of the features you desire for your website. You want to consider how many columns you want, the colors, and more. Therefore, we suggest writing out a list of all the main features that you want, so you can avoid wasting time searching thousands of WordPress themes and just view the ones that meet your standards. Keep in mind, you may not be able to find a theme that has 100% of the features that you desire, yet you will be able to find one that has the majority of the features you want so customization can be as easy as possible.

Look for Easy Navigation

When visitors arrive on your website, they expect it to be easy to navigate or they will go to one of your competitors. Therefore, it is important that you go with a theme that is easy to navigate. Navigation is not easy for those who do not know PHP, and as the most important part of your website, you do not want to risk trying to do it yourself. Keep in mind; not all themes are going to be flexible when it comes to navigation so keep this in mind when shopping around for your WordPress theme.

Decide on a Layout

Some themes will allow you to easily change your width, layout, and spacing yet most of them do not. Usually, you will have to tweak the code to customize those settings to your liking. Therefore, you want to keep this in mind when selecting a theme, especially if some point down the line you want to put banner ads in your header to monetize your blog.

Know Your Budget

Are you looking for a paid theme or a free theme? With WordPress, you have both options available but the route you take depends on your website’s budget. It is recommended that you go with a Premium (paid) WordPress theme because most free themes do not have support, which means when WordPress upgrades, your theme may not be compatible. If you are unable to get ahold of the creator, this can be a huge headache and will cost you some money fixing your site again too.

If possible, invest in your theme from the start to avoid headaches down the line.

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, you want to make sure that you have a responsive theme above all. This will help you tremendously.

Overall, if you follow the advice given today you will be able to find the ideal WordPress theme for your blog.

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