How E-cigarettes Work

Increasingly, smoking cigarettes is stigmatized in today’s culture. The health effects and inconvenience of having to step away to smoke a cigarette have many turning to vapor cigarettes. Vapor cigarettes are supposed to be safer, and also do not emit the unpleasant smell that comes from a real cigarette. Traditional cigarettes are simple; tobacco rolled in paper that is lit on fire, but vapor cigarettes are a little bit more complicated.

There are three parts to a vapor cigarette. First, there is the lithium-ion battery that powers the device. The cartridge holds the liquid to be inhaled, and the atomizer heats the liquid. Although the workings of vapor cigarettes are more complicated, they have proven easy devices to manage and maintain. Furthermore, with more and more vapor producing companies, there are more ways than ever to customize your vaping experience. From rebuildable atomizers to a wide array of flavors, e-cigs have been turned into more of a hobby, where traditional cigarettes are a nasty habit.

How do they Work

There are basically three parts to any e-cigarette. The lithium ion battery powers the device and comes in all shapes colors and sizes. There are smaller devices that look like small cylinders that can be fit into a pocket, and there are also bigger square looking devices. A larger battery can extend the time between charges. In addition, the charging of these devices is rather convenient as many of the charging accessories are similar to those of a cell phone; featuring a USB cord and many times a wall charger as well.

Attached to the battery is the vaporization chamber, where the atomizer is located. This is where the inhaled vapors are created. The atomizer contains a heating coil that brings the liquid to a boiling point, and turns it into vapor. Because there is not any combustion associated with the vapor, it is supposed to eliminate many of the harmful carcinogens produced from cigarettes.

Finally, the cartridge is where the liquid or “E-juice” is located. Vapor liquid is typically made from propylene glycol, an additive that is safely used in many foods. The cartridge also features a mouthpiece which is where the vapor is inhaled from.

There is some difference in the workings of some of the E-cigarettes. The disposable vapor pens combine the cartridge and the atomizer, this is the feature that allows you to throw them away when you are done. Disposable cigarettes are also many times smaller than traditional vapor pens, because the battery does not need to be rechargeable. For those with manual vapor pens, there are more ways than ever to customize the vaping experience.


One way that vapor pen users customize their devices is through atomizers. The atomizer is the source of heat that turns liquid into vapor that can be inhaled. When a puff is taken of an e-cigarette, the battery sends a charge of power to the atomizer, which heats a coil and vaporizes the liquid. Atomizers can be customized to emit larger vapor clouds, make the flavor of the liquid stronger, or give a throat hit more similar to a traditional cigarette. Just take a look at the rebuildable atomizer at Viper Vape to see how it assembles the atomizers from scratch but keep in mind, this kind of technology is intended for advanced vaper users.

Another way that users customize is by getting creative with the liquid they use. Traditionally flavors like tobacco, mint, cherry, etc. have been offered. Flavors are now becoming more creative. Flavors like smurfalicious or cotton candy can now be found, in addition to an almost endless variety.

The batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they also come with plenty of ways to make them your own. One popular way to customize these devices is with stickers and decals. These have to be specially bought for the specific type of device that you have, but they come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and designs. Some types of vapor pens allow you to connect the device to your iPhone and possess speakers.

Vapor pens are supposed to be safer than smoking, but some point to the complication of owning a vapor pen, as to why they don’t have one. However, vapor pens are not very complicated. Consisting of just three parts they are easy to maintain, and to customize.

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