How Distribution Strategies Work


Distribution strategy is another term used for a method that allows a product to get through many channels and finally to the consumer. People who work in the distribution strategy division, such as John Hailer, need to deal with a lot of different distribution factors at the same time. There are five main categories in distribution that are equally important. If one area in the distribution fails, it will affect another.

A person can oversee the product and its distribution in their own country and they also might need to handle worldwide distribution as well. The five main categories for worldwide distribution include, but are not limited to:

  • Location of a business
  • Target location of consumers
  • Reaching that target location
  • Warehousing the product
  • Transporting the product to its final destination

The location of the business will play an important role because it will often be easier to manage the product there. Since some of the product can already be at the business location, it doesn’t have to make its way through customs or to the warehouse. Setting up a business in a positive and thriving market location is the first thing to try and accomplish. If the business will be working through another company, the location doesn’t have to be inside the growing market area.

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If it’s going to be directly impacting the public market though, it might be best to build a shop at the right spot where people will want to purchase the product. A convenient location always works best and will bring in many customers each year. A thing to keep in mind is the relation of the business to a competitor’s shop. The cost is also another important factor when setting up a new business location.

Multiple methods can be utilized to distribute the product in a variety of markets. The product could be sold to a wholesaler who can sell large amounts of product at one time. A website is another great way for businesses to advertise their product. Setting up worldwide distributors can really spread out the product and reach more people.

Warehousing the product is a good idea if large amounts of product are being sold frequently. Most large businesses have a warehouse that they use to hold product while it’s being sorted out to different areas. These warehouses will have employees as well so that needs to be formulated into the final budget.

Logistics play an important role in distribution. This term explains how a business plans and controls the movement of products or services. Scheduling can be difficult if bad weather conditions show up during the winter months. A strategic approach for getting the materials to the right distribution center is important. The Internet has made it easy for companies to communicate with each other all over the world. E-mails can be sent out to distribution centers at any time when a product needs to be ordered and sent. There is no longer a need to wait on invoice letters or memos.

There are many ways to distribute a product that is being held in a warehouse or being shipped out directly from a business. Companies can use air transportation for products that need to be delivered as quickly as possible. Large trucks can take product from one location to another for a cheaper cost usually. Freight is another good option that is perfect for moving large amounts of product at one time.

Marketing requires distribution to be handled perfectly at all times. If a product cannot reach the right person at the right location, there is no use for marketing it at all. This is why it can be difficult for starting businesses to handle at first. Lessons will be learned and new ideas can be adopted to help make distribution easier and cheaper for a company.

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