Hot Jobs- Today’s Top Paying Tech Careers


IT professionals should be feeling quite confident going into 2016. There are many jobs in the sector that are going to be the big winners when it comes to receiving high salaries. Lots of research has come out recently looking into this, and here are some of the findings for the best paying tech careers for the coming year.

5.3 Percent Increase on Starting Salaries

The large HR firm Robert Half blogged recently on the topic of the four highest-paying tech jobs for the coming year, and it also published its 2016 Salary Guide. It suggests that the starting salaries for tech roles are going to increase 5.3 percent in 2016, which is great news for anyone in the sector.

In the blog it suggests that mobile and data tech professionals are going to be in high demand, and that anyone in these sectors should not experience too much difficulty finding jobs or receiving offers.

It also features four positions that are right at the top and will see the biggest increases in their starting pay over the course of the year.

At the top of the list is Wireless Network Engineers, who will see a 9.7 percent increase over the year. These engineers research and implement the wireless networks, and the salary range is from $108,750 to $150,750.

Organizations are depending on this more and more in order to connect their remote workers while maintaining security and reliability. It is also due to the huge growth in mobile app development, which involves testing apps wirelessly.

Data Scientists are next on the list, with an 8.9 percent increase in salaries, and a salary range from $109,000 to $153,750. Data scientists analyze data sets and make their recommendations, and they work closely with data engineers.

In fact, Big Data Engineers will see the same increase of 8.9 percent, and their salary range is from $129,500 to $183,500. Big data is increasingly important, and more companies are using it to direct their business decisions. A big data engineer will work with data scientists and business users to provides greater understanding about business objectives, compiling data and aggregating it into databases.

Mobile Application Developers are also, perhaps unsurprisingly, on the list. They will see an 8.2 percent increase in salaries, with a range from $115,250 to $175,750, and this is mainly due to the huge growth in the mobile sector that will continue in coming years.

Others top jobs mentioned in the report that are worth including here are:

  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), who oversee technology within organizations and are trusted with important decisions. The salary ranges from $147,500 to $229,000.
  • Senior Web Developers, who develop large websites and applications, and have salaries ranging from $111,250 to 154,000.
  • Network Architects, who design and plan very complex networks, who have salaries ranging from $120,000 to 175,000.
  • In addition, user experience (UX) experts, user interface (UI) developers, and content strategists are also going to remain in high demand, and they are likely to be among the big winners in 2016 and beyond.

Great Perks for People with the Right Skills

Hot Jobs- Today's Top Paying Tech Careers

Information Week recently reported on the same research, and it suggested that large employers are desperately trying to attract the best people to their companies. Big salaries are just the start, and they are also offering many perks to attract the right people.

Some of these that the article mentions include unlimited vacations, free gourmet meals, helicopter rides, and massages. To recruit the best people, companies are also attracting them by providing the very best tools and providing them with opportunities to work on the best projects.

Companies want to make sure they hire the right people first time. They don’t want to end up involved in expensive lawsuits when they have to fire members of staff. Hiring a law firm that handles complex business litigation and commercial disputes is sometimes necessary, but the best option is always to find the right people for the job in the first place, hence the focus of companies on attracting the best people to their positions.

Time to Think About a Career Change?

With the high wages on offer, as well as the many perks, jobs in the tech sector certainly have a lot to offer. If you are already involved in the sector, you may want to consider the above positions and think about enhancing your skills so you can take advantage of them.

And if you want to change your direction and become involved in the tech sector, the above positions are going to remain in high demand for a long time to come.

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