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Reviews for HostGator Hosting

If you are a first time blogger and worried about the host service to choose from, then HostGator is the perfect hosting solution for you. Founded in 2002 by the present CEO Brent Oxley, HostGator is undoubtedly the best hosting service providers. Currently it boosts of 8 million domains with more than 400,000 satisfied customers spread over 200 countries.

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HostGator offers various shared hosting plans, VPS hosting packages, Resellers plans, dedicated servers etc. HostGator has a well-built reputation with 99.99% uptime, 24 x 7 customer support, affordable plans and dedicated servers.

Advantages of using the HostGator Hosting are:

Affordable Price:

HostGator presents a wide variety of hosting plans to cater to your different needs and perfectly fits your budget. It offers three different hosting solutions with vary in offered services and prices. These are

(a) Hatching Plan, (b) Baby Plan and (c) Business Plan.

The services offered and relative price tag is great in comparison to other hosting services available in the market. You can enjoy unlimited disk space, unlimited email address, unlimited registration and unlimited bandwidth for just $60 per year. With affordable packages and variety of options, you can enjoy the HostGator service with ease.

HostGator Hosting Coupon

It also provides discount with HostGator Coupons and using the HostGator Coupon Codes you can avail flat 25% discounts.

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Round the Clock Service:

HostGator provides round the clock effective customer care support. If you face any problem, the HostGator team is always ready to help you step by step. It provides dependable and super fast solutions. Whatever may be your problem, HostGator team is always at your service. You can contact the HostGator customer care team either through phone or email and solve your queries and problem with a live chat.

Consistent Hosting Service:

With HostGator Hosting Service, you never have to worry about the problems related to slow down and crashing of the server. No matter what plan you are using, HostGator provides excellent uploading and downloading speed for all hosting packages. Consistent and dedicated service is always available.

Basic and simple cPanel:

Working with HostGator cPanel is completely simple and easy. The cPanel interface provides easy solution for installing any CM software like WordPress. Options like generating new email address, adding new domain, extending sub domains, new ftp’s etc. can be easily done in HostGator cPanel. It also offers detailed description of the traffic analysis. Plus cPanel is added with features like DNS settings for Google Apps, single click backups, webmail, and variety of themes for users to choose.

Superb Experience:

HostGator transforms the hosting job seem like simple and hassle free. It provides features to support staring a new blog, notifications of free software, plugins and free templates. The services and experience offered by the hosting service is the best in comparison to others.

Hosting Solutions offered by HostGator:

Depending on your needs and essential required, various Shared Hosting Solutions are offered by HostGator.

(a) Hatching Plan: Hatching plan is ideal for limited hosting use. Hatching Plan includes options like single domain with unrestricted bandwidth and disk space. It also has shared SSL certificate.

(b) Baby Plan: For medium range hosting service, Baby Plan is introduced. Baby Plan includes limitless domain with unrestricted bandwidth and disk space.

(c) Business Plan: The need for large scale hosting services is fulfilled by Business Plan. With unlimited domain and unrestricted bandwidth and disk space, Business plan also includes free IP and private SSL. Free toll free number for US callers is included in the business package.

Reseller Packages offered by HostGator are:

(a) Aluminum Plan: Aluminum Plan includes limitless domains with 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth.

(b) Silver Plan: with unlimited domain hosting, Silver Plan includes 120 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.

(c) Diamond Plan: Diamond Plan includes limitless domain hosting along with 200 GB disk Space and 1400 GB bandwidth.

HostGator offered VPS Hosting Services include the following plans:

(a) Level 1 Plan: It includes 10 GB Disk Space, 250 GB Bandwidth, 384 MB of RAM and 0.56 GHz CPU.

(b) Level 2 Plan: It includes 22 GB Disk space, 375 GB Bandwidth, 576 MB of RAM and 0.84 GHz CPU.

(c) Level 3 Plan: It includes 30 GB Disk Space, 500 GB Bandwidth, 768 MB of RAM and 1.13 GHz CPU.

Added Features:

  • Single Click Script Installers: Most of the packages offered by the HostGator include WordPress, SiteSyudio, Fantastico, SiteBuilder, Joomla, osCommerce and other single click installs and stats packages.
  • Free Templates: HostGator presents around 4500 templates for you to be used in the website. Using these exclusive professional templates is very simple.  
  • Free Web Site Builder:With Weebly SiteBuilder offered by HostGator, you can generate your exclusive website within fraction of minutes. The SiteBuilder is available for free.
  • Free Ad Credits: HostGator grants free eNom domain account for reseller accounts. For all collective hosting packages, an AdWords credit of $100 is given by HostGator.
  • Extended email features: HostGator offers limitless email accounts and Autoresponders. It includes IMAP support, WebMail Access, SpamAssassin and email forwarding.
  • Support wide variety of Languages:HostGator can sustain various languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, .htaccess, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • Easy cancellation procedure and Money Back Guarantee:if at any case you need to cancel your VPS, reseller or shared hosting package, then HostGator offers a complete money back guarantee within 45 days. But installation fees and cost of purchasing domain name are non-refundable. After deciding about the hosting cancellation, fill in a designated form online and your plan will be cancelled within the next 48 hours. For refund claims, make sure to reply to a termination mail sent to your account.

HostGator Discount Coupon and Discount Coupon Code:

Inclusive of the super facilities and affordable prices tag offered by it, HostGator offers high discount on the total bills. Various discount coupons and discount coupon code are available.

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HostGator is the best hosting solution with a low price tag. So choose HostGator and enjoy hassle free hosting experience.

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