Why The History Of Your Company Is Crucial To Its Future


Any business owner that has kept their company afloat during the last decade knows what hard work and persistence can achieve. Difficult times probably led you to difficult decisions. You’re here now, and that’s what counts. So shout about it! Let your customers know that you have faced the toughest times and come out the other side intact. Tell your prospective clients all about your history because it is impressive.

Impressing your clients, suppliers and future customers is what it takes to continue trading. Don’t be shy about your achievements. Very few businesses saw growth during the last ten years. Those that did are talking about it on their websites, in their recruitment drives, and across social media. They’re entering for awards, and they’re using historical information about humble beginnings to booming success for PR. Why aren’t you?

Of course, it can be a challenge to find the right information to convey in such positive light sometimes. Dredging historical paperwork for those tidbits that feed the promotions can be tough. If you haven’t tackled your paper-based files yet, then it could be worth seeking document scanning solutions to clear them from the filing cabinet. Once your documents are cataloged, you can index them and search them with ease.

Checking your old files may reveal customer testimonials or old newsletters. You might find popular product lines and ex-employees that could provide insights into your company story. This story should start from the very beginning. It may have been an idea, or one person’s tenacity to create a solution to a common problem. Telling this story may be the job of your PR firm. Arm them with the information and documentation they need so they can help your company stand out for standing the test of time.

Why The History Of Your Company Is Crucial To Its Future

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Companies that have been around for more than fifteen years are considered trustworthy. Imagine if you’re shopping for a product. Would you buy from the company with the claim of twenty years in the business, or the new upstart with no customer testimonials? It’s obvious which firm you would approach first. You may also be able to adjust your pricing strategy to better reflect this extensive experience and wisdom too. How would that affect your profits next year?

When it comes to customer testimonials, you need to be sure that the ones you publish reflect your company in the best light. Try to use some that report on excellent customer services as well as those that praise your product offering. If you can find photos relevant to the testimonial, this can be even more impactful.

Marketing audits should include all promotional materials used from day one. You should also have ROI figures so you can compare historical campaigns with current ones. If you stumble across something that worked well back in the day, see if it can be revived. Perhaps your pricing structure from twenty years ago has some relevance today too? A promotion offering prices from then as part of an anniversary campaign has worked well for some companies. What does the history of your company teach you today? 

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