Healthcare Business Startup Ideas For Those Who Don’t Have Medical Training


Want to start a profitable business that genuinely helps people? Then the healthcare industry is an excellent choice. The fast paced, always changing and constantly developing subject makes for an exciting place to find your niche.

Healthcare Business Startup Ideas For Those Who Don't Have Medical Training

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But I’m not a GP, surgeon, nurse or any other medical professional I hear your cry! Well, thankfully there are a ton of startup businesses that you can set up relating to healthcare which don’t require any special qualifications. Some just require you to apply for certain permits or licenses, but others don’t need any at all. If you’re unsure, health care lawyers like Jerry Sokol are a valuable source of information. Read on for more information about different health businesses you could start.

Sell Herbal Medicines/ Home Remedies

Herbal medicine and alternative healthcare are booming, with more people turning to non-conventional products and treatments for their health issues. Natural and herbal ingredients have been used for centuries. So harness their power, and offer people who don’t want to take medicines with harmful side effects a different option. You could retail Chinese herbal medicines, or find a wholesaler for ingredients and create your own. Just be sure to follow regulations regarding ingredients. You also can’t make unrealistic claims about the benefits of the products too. Labelling them as miracle cures, for example, is misleading and could mean you end up in trouble.

Sell Medical Books

Textbooks are expensive, any student will be able to tell you that. If you’re able to source books and sell them to students, it will save them money while still making you a profit. Find good deals on medical books and you’ll line your pockets as well as help out struggling healthcare and medical students. You could sell online, or rent a small brick and mortar store close to a college or university.

Start a Health and Wellness Blog

Blogging is big business. It’s something you can start without any money, all you really need is a computer and an internet connection which you will more than likely have already. A love of health and wellness will make researching and writing blog posts a breeze, and you get to provide people with a valuable source of information. There are lots of ways to earn money through blogging- sponsorship deals, banner advertising and affiliate advertising to name a few. Once your site is established you can get to work monetizing, and turn your blog into a business.

Start a Massage Therapy Business

Many places in the world such as Australia and the UK don’t require formal qualifications to work as a massage therapist. Find out what the specifications are in your area. Instead you can take a variety of courses in massage which are just a few days long. While specializations such as sports massage will require extra training, there are lots of other alternatives. You could continue taking courses and becoming qualified in complementary therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology as your business grows. Do your research to find out if this could be an option for you.

Healthcare Business Startup Ideas For Those Who Don't Have Medical Training

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Are you considering setting up a business in the health industry? What direction would you take with it?

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