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There are lots of reasons to travel. Sometimes you may need a break away. Other times, you may have spent months planning a big vacation that all the family will enjoy. For some, photo opportunities at some of the worlds jaw-dropping sights is enough to hop on a plane. Others will travel around the globe to view extraordinary architecture or to soak up the culture. Whether you are into history, or you love the sun, there are hundreds of reasons for getting away from life at home, and making the most of a week away.

Travelling to France from anywhere in the world is so easy. Some choose to use the train system so they can enjoy as much of the landscape and scenery on their way as possible. Others want to get there quick, and Nice is ideally situated for a quick flight from anywhere in Europe. Nice is also a stopping point for some of the world’s most luxurious cruise liners, so you can disembark and get to see what this lovely area of France has to offer. Perhaps the most luxurious way to travel is by yacht from either Cannes or Monaco.

Nice in France is one of those places you hear about in the celebrity mags. It seems to be frequented by the rich and famous as they make use of their private yachts to visit on the Mediterranean. But Nice is actually a very down to earth, pleasant little place. It is French enough so you know you are in a foreign country, but metropolitan enough for you not to feel out of place. In fact, it isn’t little at all, but the fifth most populated place in France, but it does have that lovely charm of somewhere quaint and out of the way, especially by the coast.

Nice France - Handy Guide To France's Best Vacation Spot

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The weather in Nice is glorious most of the year round, making it a great place for a laze on the beach or some water sports. Meander on foot through the palm tree lined streets to enjoy some of the lovely architecture that is quite different from anything you may have seen in other areas of France. Marvel at the food that is on offer, and try and book a good table to sample some French gourmet seafood brought in locally.

The accommodation in Nice also operates at a different pace. Things are more relaxed here, and you can find some lovely hotels that aren’t all about the hustle and bustle of the other cities. You can book with Venere or another website to find a selection of hotels at a range of different prices. You should be able to find some wonderful choices for your stay in Nice. You can even find some lovely luxury hotels here too.

France is a lovely country to visit for the food. Nice seems to have the best of everything, especially the weather. Nice is also conveniently situated for visiting the rest of the European countries on the Mediterranean too. Hire your own yacht to really travel in style…

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