Great Ways To Give Back To Your Employees


When a lot of people talk about “rewarding employees”, they mean big bonuses and monetary benefits, which can be an organisational strain and put a pretty big dent in your bottom line. However, recognition for all their hard work can come in a range of shapes and sizes. Giving tokens of appreciation will bring the whole workforce together, and make everyone in the business more motivated. If you feel like you could be giving your employees a little more recognition, here are a few ideas to consider…

Be More Flexible

One effective and increasingly popular way to reward employees for their dedication is giving them more flexible working hours. Everyone likes having a little more control over the way they work, and in many cases flexible working hours can even increase productivity. You’re showing a strong vote of confidence in your staff’s abilities, and they’ll be determined not to let you down. Obviously, things can go wrong if you hold a meeting one day and tell everyone that their working hours are up to them. Instead, make the transition gradually. Start with a flexible Monday or Friday schedule, observe how it pans out, and then use your findings to work it smoothly into the rest of the week.

Create a More Comfortable Office

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Great Ways To Give Back To Your Employees

When employees are asked what their employers could be improving, the office comes up time and time again. If you take the time to make your employee’s workplace more comfortable, it certainly won’t go unappreciated. Making a comfortable office is about far more than aesthetics. Some careful budgeting for amenities and a well-thought-out design are the two main things you should be focussing on. Make sure there’s good lighting and ventilation, sturdy desks and comfortable chairs, as well as a generally open floor plan rather than anything too grid-like and claustrophobic. You may also want to budget for some comfortable little frills, like the coffee machines from 7 Grams or the sleeping pods from Podstyle. Of course, every workforce is going to have their own preferences, so make sure you spend a while asking your staff what they want to see after the overhaul. A better working environment means happier employees, and happier employees means more productive employees!


I saved the best until last! Praise is a hugely effective method of giving something back to your employees, and one which won’t cost you a penny. Genuine, meaningful praise is one of the simplest and most effective ways to show your employees that you care for them, and everyone on the receiving end is sure to appreciate it. If you’ve been neglecting this for some time, suddenly coming out with praise for their work may feel a little cheesy or forced, but it’s got to start somewhere. One little handwritten note or a private conversation with the worker can be the start of an ongoing, consistently open dialogue about their performance. As time goes on, this will make sure your employees keep on the right track, and improve engagement on a steady curve.

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