What Goes Into a Great Social Media Promotion?


Social media is a booming promotion and advertising platform that has been growing for a considerable amount of time. Not only does it offer businesses a cheap and effective way to get more exposure, it’s also an excellent way to deal with customer service concerns swiftly and also communicate with consumers on a more personal level. There are many social media presences that focus on personality. For example, there are some businesses that use trendy internet lingo and in-jokes to appeal to a younger audience, and there are others that put on a more professional facade to appeal to business people.

What Goes Into a Great Social Media Promotion?

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Appealing to your audience

When you hire a digital marketing agency, the most important thing to remember is you have to tell them about your audience. If you want the most exposure and customer retention, then you need to try and identify with a specific audience in order to draw them in and get shining recommendations. For example, as mentioned before, if you want to appeal to a hip and young crowd then you need to be smart with internet lingo, trends and fads. Get involved when someone big on social media happens, and try to insert your opinions without blatantly advertising your products or seeming out of place. It takes a lot of work to get the balance correct, which is why it’s ideal to outsource your digital marketing or hire someone specific for the job.

Specialise your promotion for the platform

Everything about your social media promotion needs to catch eyes, but how do you do that when each of your platforms is different? You need to specialise each of your promotional campaigns to suit the platform that you are planning to advertise on. For example, Facebook allows you to stand out and add short videos that could appear on people’s walls. As they are scrolling through their home pages looking for fun content, your video thumbnail needs to catch their eyes and your title also needs to turn heads and attract attention. If you advertise on Twitter, then make sure you use trendy hashtags and mentions to get people’s attention and circulate your promotions.

What Goes Into a Great Social Media Promotion?

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Know how much to post

Promoting the same content is effective and reusing old posts or “ICYMI” (in case you missed it) tags can also revive old promotions, but keep in mind that nobody likes a spammy Instagram account that floods their feed with useless junk and repeated adverts. Vary your promotions with a handful of different messages, videos and images, and make sure you post them at correct times. Correct times would be times lie after school, lunch breaks and evenings when Twitter traffic is at a high. Don’t be afraid to repost to several platforms at once, but do be wary of people removing you from their feeds because you are posting too often.

Engage customers

Don’t just show off your work—speak to your consumers! If you’re constantly just dropping links and showing pictures then you likely aren’t encouraging much interaction between users and yourself. The best way to do this is to ask questions of the community, such as their favourite things or what they want to see from your products.

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