How To Get More Visitors To Your Business Website


How To Get More Visitors To Your Business Website


Running a modern business is a lot different to how it was ten years ago. While the internet was around back then, most small company bosses could get away without using it. That meant that things were significantly more simple. However, it’s important that everyone trying to make high profits moves with the times. Technology should be considered a helpful tool, not something to be afraid of. You might well pay a team of experts to design your website, but there are lots of things you can do unaided to help increase traffic. Don’t worry if you have no experience though as none of the advice we’re about to offer is difficult. You just need to pay attention.

Ensure your website is responsive

A responsive website design is vital at the current time. Almost 50% of all internet traffic now comes from mobiles and tablets. That means you need to ensure your site displays properly, regardless of what device a person might be using. Most good web design companies will build a responsive site as standard at the moment. Even so; it’s worth mentioning that you expect one before parting with a significant amount of your budget. From your site, you will want to promote, market and sell your products and services.

Include a live chat

If visitors see you have a live chat feature installed on your website, they are more likely to come back and ask questions at the appropriate time. Live chat removes the need for sending lengthy emails, and it allows you to deal with customer complaints and queries in a timely manner. If people considering making a purchase from your website have to wait 48 hours for a response from your customer service team, they will likely go elsewhere.

Try some SEO techniques

Search engine optimisation techniques like creative content marketing could help you to rank in the best positions within results. You want your website to appear whenever someone types specific words or phrases into Google. If all that sounds a bit complicated, there are plenty of specialist firms that can perform the job for you. Whether you’re looking for companies that focus on SEO in Perth, London, New York or anywhere else in the world, you will find them online.

Run special offers and deals

There are many things online startups should concentrate on, but offers and deals are the most important when dealing with promotion. People love getting something cheap or free, and so they will flock to your website in droves. Just make sure you post about your latest offers and deals on all social media pages for the best results. You also need to include a backlink that leads to the appropriate page on your website. Sending out emails once each week to your mailing list can also produce brilliant results.

We hope you are now a little more aware of what you can do to increase website traffic. While you can do all that in-house, there are lots of professionals who are more than willing to handle the jobs for you. So, don’t get too stressed about it.

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