Get the Most out of Your Beach Vacation


Warm water, sandy shores, and sunshine. You already know the main reasons for going to the beach, but you might not know how to maximize your summer fun. While many follow traditional vacation itineraries, few take advantage of the foreign culture, cuisine, and amenities. There’s more to the coast than boardwalks, sandcastles, and salt water. Nearly 60 million Americans per year travel to southern and western hotspots.

Get the Most out of Your Beach Vacation

Tired commercials and monotonous advertising spots drill the customary practices into popular culture, but what is the public missing out on? Whether you’re journeying with your family, friends, or pooch, take some time out to try something unconventional. Perhaps your adventure will result in the start of a new tradition, or maybe you’ll create a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Either way, you’re sure to not repeat the same limited vacations of the past. Not positive where to head? You’re in luck. We have a host of ideas to get you jump-started this summer.

Check Out Local Restaurants

The national food scene has never been better. Restaurants are benefiting from innovative chefs, a bursting economy, and the boom of technology. Turn on your television and you can’t miss the latest cooking show. New establishments are popping up all over cities and at vacation destinations as well. What better time to try something new then when you’re in a new place? Perhaps you want to eat the freshest seafood on the coast, or an ethnic meal not common in your neck of the woods. If you’re not sure what to take on first, simply check out one of the many new apps that cater to foodies. Packing and making your own food for your beach trip is a custom of the past. There’s no more enjoyable way to relax by the water than with a hot plate of delicious grub.

Go Fishing

Get the Most out of Your Beach Vacation

Your beach trip and your fishing trip are actually the same trip. The sun-kissed coast is a great way to get away from the chaos of home, but don’t feel like your only options are to play beach games and suck salt water. There’s plenty more you’re missing out on. Some of the best fishing in the world is in reach at either end of the country. Just as with cuisine, you can experience a typical activity in a whole new way. Charter a boat, find a pier, or set up shop on the waterline to pull in a trophy. You’ll need the right equipment, so make sure you bring your fishing rods, tackle box, and angler’s intuition. And when you’re sick of casting your rod, cast yourself into the ocean paradise.

Head to the Range or Greens

You’re a professional when you play on the same courses that the best play on. Okay, maybe not a professional, but you can hack it up out there on the same fairways. Catch a break from tradition by hitting one of the many links located just minutes from your resort. From Myrtle Beach to Pebble Beach, the most popular spots in the States feature award-winning courses. If you’d rather take the whole family, try a different type of golf — putt-putt. Wild constructions, crazy courses, and intense rivalries are enjoyed every year at the water’s edge.

Try Your Hand at Watersports

Jet skiing, parasailing, and wakeboarding aren’t just for the young crowd. Get some practice in and head out to the waters to have the time of your life. Reasonable rates and wild adventure make these activities beach classics. There’s plenty of time to fit them all in, as most of these sports only take a few hours. Check out a brochure at your hotel to find the most convenient place for you.

Explore the Town

It’s no coincidence that the places people flock to for their summer getaways also feature some of the best shopping, hiking, and museums around. Keep you eyes peeled for exciting opportunities to partake in interests not available at home. Amazing theaters, incredible performances, and dazzling professionals line each coast with opportunities to enjoy a week away from your everyday responsibilities.

Go see a sports event or explore a terrain you won’t be able to experience again until your next vacation. Or, find your own rare activity. Immersing yourself in the local culture is a great way to discover new interests.

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