Generating Ideas: Your Company's Basic Need

In the dog eat dog world of startups, there are many things to contend with.  The inevitable growing pains that comes with getting a business to soar, the costs, the colleagues, the camaraderie. But what of the development of ideas, what does a company need to do to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to doing this? A company is likely to rest on its laurels if it has the one good idea, but that does not develop the company, nor does it guarantee an income until the end of time. What can your company do to keep the ideas flowing?

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree…

When looking to create a brand new idea, look to the one you have created successfully. Can it be expanded on or changed in a slightly different way to give it a whole new lease of life? Turning the humble razor blade into a hand razor and then adding dynamic movements to the design has made companies billions. Simpler is sometimes better.

Also, speak to people close to you, and get their opinions. It is free market research, and they will be more honest with you when it comes to giving their opinions.

Generating Ideas: Your Company's Basic Need


Knowledge Is Power…

What do you know about a specific subject? Do you have an interest that may deviate from the norm? Integrating your interests into your idea generating will save time and effort in researching an area you know nothing about. Investing your expertise on a subject, find a solution to a problem.

Keep The Pressure On…

Sometimes giving people free reign to come up with ideas is counterproductive, not to mention a waste of time and resources if there is no outcome. Applying timescales and positive tension forces ideas to be generated in quick succession, as people will not dwell on their last idea too much because they will move onto the next one. Creating that deadline forces productivity in a workforce and workers to think on their feet.

Always Be Observing…

On your commute to work, do you notice people, or are you self absorbed? Take some time to see what is around you. A great idea comes from something that is related to a common complaint. Looking at what people can use to make their life easier can result in an idea that will have the common touch. So have a look around you instead of staring at the floor.

Learning From Previous Mistakes…

We all make mistakes, so learn from them. An idea that has been done before can result in the inability to generate a profit. Look at your peers, what can you learn from their mistakes? Can you flog a dead horse, or just let it lie? Never be afraid to get help if it is needed. Help with sticky business issues can be resolved using companies like world patent marketing complaints to help get around something such as patent problems.


Passion in your brand, passion in your product, and passion in yourself will stop the taps running dry. Passion will keep you enthused, and you will strive to look at your product in a different way each time.


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