Freelancing: 5 Ways to Market Yourself


Freelancing in any profession can be a tough business. There is a lot of competition out there, and it can often be hard to know whether or not you stand out. If you’re a freelancer in any of the creative fields, you might be wondering how to go about marketing yourself. Getting yourself out there is vital for your career, and it’s important that you treat it that way. Treat yourself like a one-person business and you will soon be rewarded in kind. Here are five top tips for marketing yourself as a freelancer.

Freelancing: 5 Ways to Market Yourself

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Have a Plan

Like any business, you need to have a plan. This can be as sparse or as detailed as you like – it is really up to you. Just bear in mind that the more detailed your plan is, the more likely you are to succeed. With a clear plan, you are allowing yourself to relax a bit more in the long run. There is a certain luxury in knowing that everything is already mapped out as well as it can be. This means you can spend more time creating, and less time worrying.

Understand Your Audience

Your audience is the true driver behind that one-person business called you. Without the audience, there wouldn’t be much point in any of it. At the very least, there certainly wouldn’t be any point in marketing yourself! Talk to the sort of people who enjoy what you do, and try to get to understand them. The better you understand what drives them and makes them tick, the better you will be able to put yourself out there. Know your audience; know yourself. The rest will follow.

What Makes You Different?

It is important for any freelancer to be able to stand out from the crowd. It depends on your industry, but chances are, you’re in a competition with plenty of other people. But this isn’t something to be bemoaned. It should be embraced. Figuring out what makes you different from the rest will give you a clear head start when it comes to selling yourself. What’s more, it can also help you to understand your career better.

Social Media & Technology

It goes without saying that the Internet is your most useful tool when it comes to marketing yourself. The impact of the Web really can’t be overstated. Get on all the different social media sites – and make sure you are active on them. There is no use in having an unused LinkedIn account. Also, be sure to try out this app for freelance creatives; it’s a must for any freelancer who is serious about their career.

Networking Events

Grab a hold of these whenever you have the chance. These sorts of events can provide real boosts to your career. This is true no matter which stage of your career you are currently in. If you are invited to a networking event, make the most of it. But remember this golden rule: one honest-to-goodness relationship is worth more than a hundred poor ones.

Freelancing: 5 Ways to Market Yourself

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