Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Soon – A Tablet Mouse


Basically, you can’t use normal mouse on your tablet. It won’t work. Therefore, we suggest the folding pen-type mouse that is easily portable and with which we can use a pen and a mouse at the same time.

Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Soon has the two strong points that the one is the free usability of a tablet and the other is the widespread and familiar usability of a mouse. It is easy to switch from a mouse to a tablet pen, and you can use a tablet and a mouse simultaneously with Folding Pen Mouse anytime anywhere. It is the simple product that is free of places and function.

It’s a great concept and would really be loved by peoples and designers out there. But this design would be more great if Yoon Soon could attempt a few more shapes that may give users a more ergonomic grip while in its stylus avatar.


Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Soon

Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Soon Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Soon

Image Credit: Man With Tablet via ShutterStock

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