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The world is full of a variety of people. Those who refuse to give up or let a few failures keep them down are fighters and ultimately become success stories. It’s been said Thomas Edison experienced 1,000 failures to find the right combination of metals to get a lightbulb to work. Several well-known men, such as Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and P. T. Barnum saw more than their share of bankruptcy courts. Although at the time of his inauguration not many people were aware of the severity with which polio had affected Franklin D. Roosevelt, we have since learned of the limited use he had of his legs. He didn’t let polio keep him from his life goals and neither have plenty of others. For instance, if you view Steve Wynn’s IMDb page, you will become aware he has retinitis pigmentosa, but you will likewise read about his many successes that far outshine any perceived limitation. Men- and women- strive every day to not only reach the goals they have set, but create new ones despite any difficulties they must surpass.

No Time for Questioning

The American dream has always been to work hard to achieve success, but highly successful people move beyond working hard with several other characteristics. For them, time is considered an unrenewable commodity that is not wasted for anyone seeking to make a positive impact. Their actions are purposeful and focused on attaining the goals they have set for themselves. Hamlet’s question, “To be, or not to be:…” isn’t an enigma for them. They don’t believe in a passive life or one that must be endured; for them, life is embraced and meant to be lived to the fullest.

Grit and Determination

The ability to recognize reality is another important factor. No one person can be an expert in everything; therefore, identifying areas where they need help and partnering with people who have the necessary strengths to fill the voids is a sign of a person determined to “have it all.” They aren’t discouraged, but instead surround themselves with the right people; the people who hold the same positive visions, goals and desires for success as they hold.

There’s an old legend about Ernest Hemingway declaring he could write a short story with only six words. To prove it, these words, so the legend goes, were written on a napkin. “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” However you interpret those words, they are not the words of a quitter or a defeatist. Thankfully, our world has men and women who rise above any misfortune or perceived roadblock to reach success. Their talents open and provide opportunities for so many others to achieve their goals and dreams.

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