Can’t afford to buy a premium account? Here’s a solution, introducing Rapidleech..!!!

Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as, and more than 45 others. The famous Rapidleech script transfers files from Rapidshare, Megaupload,,, etc, via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server. You may then download these files from your server anytime later.

Rapidleech script has being used by more than 5 million users worldwide and has being installed on more than 2000 servers.

In other means, you can download stuff from almost all premium account such as,, and etc.

In order to use the Rapidleech, you’ll need to know a few simple steps. I’ll use as sample rapidleech site for the tutorial.

1) Paste into your address bar and click enter. You’ll redirect to the rapidleech site.


2) Then paste the url of your download link inside the box, and click Transload. *refer to picture **download link refer to the file that you want to download, it  can be easily found on search engine site as

3)  A popup windows comtaining some ad will appear. Click on the ad, and you’ll notice that the “Transload” button that you clicked earlier will start the countdown. Once the countdown comes to zero (0), you can close the popup windows and click transload again. Now, your file will be downloaded into the server with tremendous speed.

4)Once your file is fully downloaded, go back to the main page. From the main page, you’ll notice four tabs, click on “Server Files” tab. Find your files from the list, right-click on it and click download. Your file will be downloaded to your computer at full speed.


*there are tons type of rapidleech site available with different type of download method. Each may vary from others.

*you can find useable rapidleech site here , and .





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