Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Revolution


The world is changing, and it’s changing faster than at any time in history. History has shown us the changes that previous technologies have made to the way we live and work, from the agricultural revolution through to the industrial age. Now the digital age has arrived and it has literally taken the world by storm.

A new way of communicating

Back in the 1980s the mobile phone was the preserve of a select few, usually city types and high fliers who wanted to make a statement about their lifestyles. Expensive and bulky, the mobile telephone was coveted by some but derided by many. Most people believed that it would never catch on, yet a couple of decades later the mobile phone has become a way of life.

More than just a portable telephone, the mobile has become a portable computer, providing access to the Internet and allowing people to access data from just about anywhere. Wireless communication is big business and has opened the marketplace up in ways which most of us never even dreamed of.

Survival of the fittest

We are now so reliant on mobile devices that it seems almost incomprehensible to imagine how we survived before they came along. Gone are the days of poring through directories to find the information we require. Consumers expect to find products and services quickly and easily with a few taps of the finger or clicks of the mouse, and businesses have had to raise their game to respond to this demand.

It’s becoming almost impossible to survive and thrive without having some kind of web presence. However, most SMEs have little funding or understanding of the best way to utilise the technology now available – and those that do are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the rapid changes taking place within the digital framework.

Recently the cloud has become the main talking point amongst those in the know. Using cloud technologies allows digital devices to become smaller and lighter as the nuts and bolts of a company’s website and intranet are hosted elsewhere, removing the need for hard drives and bulky storage.

The growth of cloud computing has led to concepts such as Software as a Service, Sharepoint and Office 365 to name just a few examples. Major corporations can usually cope with the time and expense involved in upgrading technical skills, but for smaller businesses the costs involved can be prohibitive.

Fortunately, along with the rapid changes in technology, new companies are stepping up to the plate in order to offer all the help and assistance necessary to keep the smaller business operating on a par with the big boys. It’s now relatively easy to source experts for help with Sharepoint website design, leaving the business owner free to spend time developing his or her products and services.

There is no room in today’s world for any business to bury its head in the sand and ignore the progressive sweep of the digital revolution. Customers and employees expect to be able to access the information they require simply and easily, and to ignore this fact is to face extinction.

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