Dear Market, Here’s From The Bottom Of Your Heart


When you choose to embrace the life of an entrepreneur, you accept that it will be your sole responsibility to find clients, grow your income and build a reputation. In other words, becoming an entrepreneur means that you are leaving behind the 9-to-5 routine of the office where you had only one task. As an entrepreneur, you need to provide excellent services or products, and to also make a lasting impression if you want your target audience to notice you. Being noticed is the primary role of a good marketing strategy. However, the way businesses interact with their audience has changed dramatically with the digital revolution. Naturally, you need to be present in the digital sphere. But you also need to embrace the social values that have developed in the digital area. Believe it or not, but a good market approach exposes your heart to your audience. Here’s how to do it best.

Dear Market, Here's From The Bottom Of Your Heart

Give your business strategy a heart

Take Your Audience At The Heart Of The Matter

We live in a world of 3D films, interactive communication, and real-time TV. In short, people are always at the center of what is happening, all the time and anytime. So the best way to give your audience the same level of intimate interactions is to show them everything there is to see. For example, if you work in the travel industry, you can look for the best 360 camera to promote destinations while letting viewers feel like they are standing right in the middle of it. 360 degrees cameras are also a great way of introducing your company if you want to take your audience through a virtual tour of your offices. This is the ideal content for an about us page, for example.

Be Socially Aware

Being socially aware might seem like a meaningless comment. But companies that fight for current causes – such as organizing a charity event against cancer, for instance, or a donation to support a region that has been touched by a natural catastrophe – are perceived positively by the public. Additionally, it’s important that you represent the ideology that your clients believe in. The common causes that you can support as a business relate to the environment, equal rights for all sexualities and genders, and scientific research. You will find no difficulty believing in any of these causes. What matters to your audience is that your social belief remains visible in all your business actions. In short, don’t say you love the environment on your website if you’ve decided to buy an extremely polluting vehicle.

Your Honesty Is Your Best Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are about making people want to trust you and to buy your services or products. So it may seem logical at first to glorify a little the truth about your business. But a recent study has demonstrated that honesty is the best marketing strategy. Not only does it tells your audience that you are completely trustworthy, but it also stands out from other advertising policies. Avis, for example, admitted their second tier market share in 1962 when they advertised that they are only No2 and that they try harder as a result. Volkswagen embraced the fact the Beetle didn’t look like any other car when it came to the market and promoted that it might be ugly, but it would get people where they wanted to go. Simplistic, but it worked. Honesty always gets you there.

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