What is a Custom Made Car Sticker?


When you are on the road, you will notice that numerous other cars are almost similar to yours. It therefore becomes a challenge to stand out and make your car unique. Even if you paint your car in a certain color, chances are that you will find other cars painted the same. This is where custom made car stickers come in.

A custom made car sticker is a label that you stick on your car. The label may contain either a written message or it can also have graphics. Usually a cars ticker is placed on the bumper of the car although it can also be placed on other parts such as the windscreen or the rear window.

Personalizing your car

A custom made car sticker ensures that your car is not lost among hundreds of other cars on the road. It makes it unique and at the same time it passes along a certain message to other people. Custom stickers are the best because you get to choose the design of the label and message contained in it. So whether you want to pass along an environmental sensitization message, a funny joke or a witty quote, custom car stickers are the way to go.

Types of custom made cars stickers

The type of sticker you put on your car will depend on your tastes and intended use of the label. There are several types of car stickers you can choose from as outlined below.

  • Humorous car stickers which contain funny messages.
  • Religious car stickers.
  • Commercial or marketing car stickers. These are usually used by companies to advertize a certain product.
  • Sports and organizations car stickers. These stickers can portray your membership to a certain organization or support for a team.
  • Political car stickers popular during election campaigns.

Basically, the type of car sticker you choose for your car says a lot about you and your personality. So choose wisely.

Best car sticker materials

Of great importance is the material of the custom made car sticker. In general there are two options, either vinyl or stock paper. Vinyl is considered the best and is the most popular. It offers various advantages such as easy installation and removal, durability and physical appeal. If you are going to use paper, a wise idea might be to laminate it to protect it from weather elements and dust.

To reduce fading of custom made car stickers, you should get one with UV protection. This prevents the sun from making it fade and looking aged. If the sticker is on the inside of a window, tinting can also help in UV protection.

A wide variety

Custom made stickers are all about providing car owners with the freedom of choice. Whatever design you want, you will get. When it comes to things such as size, you can either choose small ones that you can put on your car bumper or go for much bigger ones that can fit the area of your rear window.

Remember, something as small as a custom made car sticker can make a huge statement concerning you. In the end however, whatever you choose makes you unique and different in a good way.

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