Create Your Own Unsung Success Story


Create Your Own Unsung Success Story

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When people talk about the top 1%, it doesn’t seem like a lot of people sit at the tippity top. Of course, one in one hundred of us aren’t millionaires. But, there are still loads of them. A surprising amount, actually. Forbes 2015 rich list states that there’s over fifteen million millionaires in the world. That’s only around 0.2% of the population of Earth. But, still a significant number.

It doesn’t feel so significant because most of the success stories surrounding these men and women are unheard. Of course, some people inherit or win vast amounts of money, but that doesn’t happen everyday.

For a lot of people, a life in the spotlight is a horrid idea. Being harassed every day of your life becomes great challenge as time goes on. So, it’s preferable for some to keep their lives a little more private. Thankfully, their are plenty of ways to earn your fortune on the sly. Certain industries draw absolutely no attention from the public. And, once you’ve starting building, you just have to be careful and follow the rules along the way. It’s easy to avoid the attention of the masses as long as you don’t get into trouble.

For example, Coran Capshaw isn’t a household name, but he’s made a fortune across a host of markets. First, he started work as a manager for musicians. This led to him starting it own records labels. His most successful client, The Dave Matthews Band, helped Capshaw raise his initial funds. This gave him the chance to branch out into other avenues.

First, Capshaw started investing in property in his hometown, Charlottesville. Over the years, this has included apartment block complexes, as well as properties like Malls and Restaurants. Over the years, his holdings in the town have grown and grown. Not only extending his own portfolio, but also boosting the town’s economy and growing its population.

Along with his property portfolio, Capshaw has also made some serious investments. The most notable of which being a $1.2 million stake in the startup of WillCall, a ticket selling agency. This industry has proven to be very successful for some people, including Capshaw.

Of course, retaining a life of secrecy is very important to some. If you have a family, you may not want to put them at risk. Or, you may just fancy not being bugged by people in your day-to-day life. Keeping your life private can be hard, though. If people disapprove of business decisions that you make, you may face backlash. Or, if you break the law, you may find yourself in legal battles. And, of course, protecting your assets by not openly revealing them to the public will help to keep them safe from theft. People won’t be able to target your ventures if they don’t know about them.

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of why people prefer to keep their wealth hidden. And, how people can raise their worth without raising eyebrows. The real secret to good business is hard work. Never try to cheat or steal your way into better positions.

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