How To Create That Boutique Hotel Vibe At Home


Do you live for interior design? Are you always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration? Hotels are one of the best sources of styling and design tips when it comes to interiors and making the most of limited space. If you’ve been inspired by boutique hotels, here are some handy hints to recreate the look at home.

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In the bedroom

In the bedroom, go for a bed that catches the eye straightaway. Choose a padded leather headboard for a modern look. Or go for a four-poster for a vintage vibe. Adorn the bed with plumped up cushions and textured throws. Choose bed linen, which complements the curtains and flooring. If you’ve got patterns on the walls and soft furnishings, keep your linen plain. If you’ve got printed linen, choose plain cushions.

Once you’ve got your focal point sorted, invest in bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a chest. Match the style of the furniture to the theme. Go for whitewashed wood for a nautical or classic Parisian look. Alternatively, opt for polished black or white units for an ultra-modern feel. Add ornate frames and vases of fresh flowers to bedside tables and window sills. Finish the look with a standing lamp, teardrop chair and some plants for a loft-style room. Add a chaise longue and an ornate mirror to complete a boudoir look.

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Living spaces

If you’re looking for inspiration for hallways and living areas, look no further than wood flooring for hotels. Hardwood floors create an illusion of space, and they can suit any theme. A polished wood floor is ideal for a modern space while a rustic, aged floor is perfectly suited to a shabby chic theme. Add patterned or high-pile rugs and animal hides to make your house more homely.

Use soft furnishings to add detail and interest in your living room and create a welcoming atmosphere. Pay attention to finishing touches and don’t be afraid to mix and match trends. Blend metallics and natural materials for a quirky kitchen. Or use printed paper to draw attention to an open fire in the living room. Look out for unique details like vases, candle holders and footstools at antique stalls or car boot sales. Be bold with color or adopt a chic minimalist approach.

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If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel and wished your home looked the same, now is the time to get inspired. You don’t have to go crazy and give the whole house a makeover. But adding touches to each room can really add style and personality. Go for opulent shades and textures in the bedroom. Lift solid floors with stylish rugs and add cushions and funky wall art to bring living spaces to life. Look out for unique accessories on your travels and be daring when it comes to mixing and matching trends. You don’t have to go for a single theme. You may find that you like elements of different looks. Have fun, be creative and you’ll have a beautiful, unique home in no time.

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