Could Your Office Be Smarter?


Just because you run a small business, doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate all the latest tech. Technology is a great leveller for small businesses, mainly thanks to things like cheap hardware and the cloud.

Here are some cheap and easy ways in which you can make your office smarter.

Tip #1: Install Belkin Instant Switch

Could Your Office Be Smarter?

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Belkin’s instant switch allows businesses to monitor and set their energy usage, depending on how much they think they should be using. The switch lets users turn devices on and off, set standby schedules and provides the user with alerts when print jobs are finished. The Instant Switch is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Tip #2: Use Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a printing service that allows small business owners to print from any location, right over the cloud, so long as they have a connection to the internet. The facility allows companies to have as many users as they like, in addition to as many printers as they want, shared on a kind of internal network. This allows businesses to send orders to their printers while they are out of the office.

Tip 3: Fibre Optic Routing

Could Your Office Be Smarter?

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Regular cables are slow and have limited bandwidth. Their signal can also be degraded by surrounding equipment and machinery, meaning that internet connections are liable to disruption. By going to an MPO/MTP Fibre Optic Cable Supplier, it’s possible to get cables that avoid all of the problems of regular, copper wires. This is a solution for businesses that do not want interruptions or slowdowns in their internet service.

Tip #4: Use Watering Reminders

Companies like PlantLink are trying to make the job of managing office plants easier. Their latest offering is a technology that sends customised messages to your phone, telling you that a plant needs to be watered. Essentially, the technology uses the same sensors that are used today in ag-tech – technologies that enable farmers to monitor the condition of their crops and determine when they need fertilising and watering. If you’ve got lots of different plants in your office, you can use services like PlantLink to set up multiple reminds in a schedule.

Tip #5: Door Security

Could Your Office Be Smarter?

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For small businesses, keeping their sensitive data secure is a top priority. That’s why so many small companies are now investing in technologies, like Doorbot. Doorbot is essentially a WiFi doorbell that allows you to see and hear visitors at your door before opening it. Like so many other IoT devices that connect directly to WiFi, it’s super cheap compared to legacy systems. What’s more, it also comes with night vision cameras, meaning that it’s great for businesses who work late into the evening.

Tip #6: Bluetooth Stereo System

It’s nice for employees to have some sort of recreational facilities available in their break room. It’s also nice to have music playing in your reception if you regularly host clients. Now there’s no need to install expensive, surround sound systems. Instead, owners can use Bluetooth speakers and stream music directly from their phones.

Could Your Office Be Smarter?


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