How to Choose the Best Hosting Solution for Your New Web Enterprise


A lot of people are now making money and growing their businesses online, thanks to things like blogging and social media marketing. If you have a good idea, creating a website that could help you on your way to a profitable enterprise is not difficult or expensive, but there are a few things to consider. One of the most important among these is who is going to host your site. Web hosting is crucial, because without it you can’t make your site available to the world, but it is also something where the market is absolutely full of choices, and to the uninitiated this may seem a bit daunting. Here we look at the different options when it comes to hosting, and how you can make a smart choice for your website.

What Are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Hosting can be done in a number of ways, and it is important to choose the right style for your business and website. You can opt for a completely free hosting service, such as you might get from WordPress or Blogger, but this will mean you have their domain in your URL, which can look somewhat amateurish. The next most affordable choice is shared hosting, where your site lives on a server in a server farm owned by the hosts and you pay a monthly fee for it. With many of these kinds of deals you can end up paying very little, but there are so many companies doing it that it can take some shopping around to find the best value deal that also offers all of the features you want in terms of things like bandwidth, email addresses, and other facilities.

Another choice you can have is dedicated server hosting. This is where you essentially hire a server and all of the maintenance needed for it from your hosting company. This is the most expensive choice in most cases, and is usually done when you are looking at something mission critical, or something like a software as a service project which is more demanding in server terms than a normal website or blog.

Cloud Hosting

Another option, which is becoming very popular because of its convenience, is cloud hosting. Like shared hosting, this is a method where your site is using shared resources, but it can use as much as it needs at any given time and you pay for what you use. This can be the best choice when you aren’t sure how fast your site is going to need to scale up. Some hosting companies like offer a choice of packages around cloud hosting as well as more conventional hosting (such as shared or dedicated server hosting), so if you look at one of these you should find an option that suits you.

Choosing the right hosting option will prevent site management headaches as you launch your enterprise, and can also save you money, so it is worth shopping around before you make a decision.

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