Check Out The Most Jaw Dropping Features For Modern Workstation Laptops


Modern workstation laptops are now packed with a wide range of features that are truly amazing — even for today’s high standards. Many of these features were unimaginable only a few years ago, and yet are now becoming the norm for many leading providers. Many of the features that are indeed a cut above the rest in their incredible functionality come from Easyguard, so read on to learn about how innovative solutions are making workstation security and portability better than ever.

Check Out The Most Jaw Dropping Features For Modern Workstation Laptops

Easyguard connect is making computing on the go less of a burden than it once was. This technology includes a patented diversity antenna for a stable and reliable wireless experience from its position at the top of the LCD screen, where it is generally out of the way of hands and other potential signal blockages.The diversity antenna has a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band capability, which means that this smart antenna will automatically select the fastest standard no matter where the laptop is being used — in the office, at home, or miles above the clouds.

Easyguard goes many steps beyond just providing a fast and reliable wireless connection. The secure module also helps defend against unauthorized access to all of the important data that modern laptops contain. A fingerprint reader allows early adopters to eliminate the classic Windows login screen in place of a utility personalized to your staff, and multiple levels of passwords mean extra barriers between your important information and a would-be thief. An especially cool feature of Easyguard is the Advanced Instant Security. This program triggers an alarm when your notebook is tampered with, and is shrill enough to alert everyone in the area to a potential theft in process.

PC health is also important, both externally and internally. Easyguard laptops include physical shock absorbers that can ease the damage in the case of a hard bump or drop.A 3D accelerometer can detect abrupt movements that could damage the internal hard disk drive by rapidly moving the disk head between the platters where it is most likely to cause damage upon impact. A spill resistant keyboard adds another level of protection to avoid damage in the case of an unfortunate accident involving liquids or foods. These features all combine to provide levels of longevity to the notebook that were unavailable in previous editions.

One can only dream about what features are in store for future models from great companies. In particular, check out the newest business laptops from Toshiba. This long-standing provider of excellent office solutions released the first laptop (ever!) in 1985, and is still going strong. New Toshiba units have embraced EasyGuard Technology, Intel Core Processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, Wacom handwriting technology, and so much more. They’re working hard to maketoday’s workstation science fiction become commonplace in the mobile computing market of tomorrow.

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