New Ways to Search on Twitter for iOS and Android

Twitter today updated its apps for Android and iOS with new features, focusing more on search and discovery. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play and Apple’s...
MomentCam Android Apps

Transform Photo Into a Cartoon or Comic Character with MomentCam

MomentCam is a photo-taking and editing app, which comes with a range of customization options to transform your photo into a cartoon or comic character. MomentCam app use advanced facial recognition to...
Simplenote for Android

Simplenote for Android: Easily Keep and Organize Your Notes

Looking for functional and minimalist text editing apps for your android. Then, you should try Simplenote. Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more. With Simplenote, your notes...
Tumblr for Android

Tumblr for Android Now Updated With Landscape Mode, Auto Play GIFs and More

Tumblr has updated its Android app with support for landscape mode, auto-playing of GIFs in the dashboard and the ability to create and share photosets. The company released a standalone Photosets app for iOS last October before bundling support...
JumpCam for Android

JumpCam For Android Now Available

Video collaboration service JumpCam is expanding to the Android platform. Starting today, users can download the app from the Google Play store to compose videos and solicit clips from their friends to compile...
Circa App

Circa: Favorite News Reader App Now Available for Android

Circa was already one of our favorite news reader apps for the iPhone, breaking stories down to only the essential facts, quotes or photos. And last month, it finally hit Android too. Circa is different to other...

Shoto App for iOS and Android: Shoot, Edit and Share Your Photo Easily

There are several photography apps designed to help you shoot, edit and share the images that you capture with your smartphone or tablet. But, most photography app only offer single photo sharing,...
Themer by MyColorScreen Android Themes in One Click

Transform Your Android Themes in One Click With Themer

Themer, free app that lets you completely transform and customized your Android in just a few click now open in beta. For your information, Themer is for Android users, as their user...
Fitly App for iPhone 5S

Keep Track How Active You Are With Fitly App

Fitly app for iPhone is one of the very first to make use of the brand-new M7 coprocessor in the apple iphone 5s. It informs you just how much exercise you're obtaining daily and uses gamification to encourage you to reach your targets.
Landing Page

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page [Infographic]

The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page: Awesome infographic that show users how to create a good landing page that convert.


4 Creative Ways to Use Digital in Retail Store Marketing

As buyers continue to embrace new digital technologies and emerging shopping channels, the customer journey increasingly becomes more complicated. QR codes and beacons can...