Shoto App for iOS and Android: Shoot, Edit and Share Your Photo Easily

There are several photography apps designed to help you shoot, edit and share the images that you capture with your smartphone or tablet. But, most photography app only offer single photo sharing,...
Themer by MyColorScreen Android Themes in One Click

Transform Your Android Themes in One Click With Themer

Themer, free app that lets you completely transform and customized your Android in just a few click now open in beta. For your information, Themer is for Android users, as their user...
Internet TV

The Aereo App for Android

According to Engadget reports, Aereo has introduced an Android app today, bringing its controversial antenna and Internet-based television service to a brand new viewers. Below Aereo Twitter status: The service, that uses a vast number of tiny...
Fitly App for iPhone 5S

Keep Track How Active You Are With Fitly App

Fitly app for iPhone is one of the very first to make use of the brand-new M7 coprocessor in the apple iphone 5s. It informs you just how much exercise you're obtaining daily and uses gamification to encourage you to reach your targets.

Transfer Files Quickly From Android to Browser Desktop Using Push-to-Chrome

Now You can transfer files quickly from your Android or phone to your browser desktop using Push-to-Chrome. Transfer any information extreme fast.
voice messaging service Voxer introduces a Web-based client for business users

Voxer Introduces a Web-based Client for Business Users

Popular messaging and walkie talkie service, Voxer has added a Web-based app for it business users as a complement to its iOS and Android apps.

Comparison Between HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

While going through some smartphone line-ups of Samsung and HTC, you would probably find clashes between these devices. Many devices are real competitors even if the South Korean maker has somehow...

5 Essential Multimedia Android Apps

Each day we discovered that we can give our Smartphone new uses. For example, these small devices have become a multimedia center to listen to music or radio, watch videos or...

The 8 Best GPS Navigation Apps

GPS and other navigational devices are certainly convenient, since you can leave them in the car, docked and fully charged at all times. But nowadays it's getting easier to just pull your...

The Regular 10 Traveler Apps for Android

Whenever you’ve planned to go on travel, you can save your time and money with Smartphone apps. These apps will help you to get a sudden five-star hotel discount in the...


4 Creative Ways to Use Digital in Retail Store Marketing

As buyers continue to embrace new digital technologies and emerging shopping channels, the customer journey increasingly becomes more complicated. QR codes and beacons can...