We’re calling all Marvel Hero super fans out to see this cool Captain America Xbox 360 Casemod. The Avengers inspired Captain America Xbox 360 casemod below designed by Zim Props or Zachariah Cruse, yep Zim dedicated this design to his favorite superhero. As you can see the Xbox 360 design is simple, but elegant. Wanted to know more about this design, make sure you write an email to Zim Props to discuss about the design and price.

Cruse put in a blue LED for the power button, mounted a shield on the side and adorned the opposite side with the famous A and wings that rest upon the brow of Captain America’s mask.

Captain America Xbox 360 Casemod Photos

Captain America Xbox Slim Captain America Xbox 360 Casemod


[More Info: Zachariah Perry | Via: TechnaBob]