Can You Really Find Adventure on a Package Holiday?


The package holiday: Relaxing by the poolside with a ‘free drinks’ wristband, dining at the buffet and being entertained by hypnotists and karaoke. This used to be the image that sprang to mind when thinking about a holiday where flights, accommodation and resort choice were all decided at the easy click of a button and the promise of a cheap price. I remember a particular family holiday to Spain where every day was spent at the children’s club and every evening brought the Mr. Fiesta competition or family bingo.

There was no sense of independence or adventure when booking package holidays twenty years ago, but times they are a-changing! Travellers are beginning to roam outside of their hotel boundaries, and it’s not just the people that are changing in the world of package holidays.

So, what exciting encounters can you take part in on your package holiday? I’ve compiled five handy tips for all you thrill-seekers to keep in mind.

  1. Be spontaneous.

Holidaying to an island? Try jetskiing, or find a scuba diving site. Stunning mountainous backdrop? Hike your way to the top or explore the gorges at ground level. Cosmopolitan city break? Wander through the alleyways until you get lost or immerse yourself in a bustling street market. Being spontaneous is the first step to a memorable trip.

  1. Learn about local culture.

Different places have their own unique atmosphere and customs. Choose an element of local culture that interests you and try a course or learn a little more about it. Why not take part in a Cuban cocktail-making class, cycle through a French wine route, master some Caribbean cookery, or learn to play the djembe in West Africa? Tailor your adventure to your destination for a more meaningful trip.

  1. Speak to the locals.

As well as having a chance to learn a bit of the lingo, you’ll find the best restaurant recommendations and hidden secrets of your destination. Perhaps there’s a must-see art space or little-known coffee shop shrouded in mystery. You won’t find out unless you open your mouth and speak to the people who know best!

  1. Visit local landmarks.

Not every city or town is going to be filled to the brim with landmarks like Paris or Barcelona, but there are still special places in every region. Find yourself wandering into mystical old churches or bars that have seen whole generations pass by. Sites like UNESCO are perfect for doing a little research before you travel.

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  1. Just leave your accommodation.

The last and easiest tip. Leave your resort and you’re guaranteed to find new experiences!

Adventures are made, not found and, if you’re the type of person who likes to explore the unknown, you can find amazing activities wherever you are. Be creative and transform your package holiday from unimaginative to unforgettable.

Can You Really Find Adventure on a Package Holiday?

Image: 2012 Adventure Photography Competition

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