Business SEO Tips Small Companies Have To Know


For so many small business owners SEO is a solution when looking for an increase in customers. The problem is that this is not properly understood or simply not considered in most cases. If you refer to the top SEO Company Sydney, you will be told that various things can be done and the financial investment is not at all going to be as high as initially pictured. If you want to be sure your company will rise in search engine rankings, here are some tips that are going to help you out at the end of the day:

  • Create a list of up to 5 keywords that will surely bring in search engine traffic. It is important to focus on those that have low competition and bring in high traffic. One of the keywords should include local area mentions.
  • Add keyword phrases to the blog post and page URLs. It is not necessary to have a match with titles. These phrases are going to have a strong weight in the search engines, which is exactly what you want.
  • Use Google Local. The sign up process is free. By simply having the business listed in Google Local you do gain an organic search boost. The business ends up above fold even if lower rankings are present. This is because Google is now focused on offering local results with priority.
  • Networking is not just something you do in the real world scenario. It is also something that helps out a lot in search engine optimization. When you get contacts that are relevant to link to the website you have from social media and from their sites, pages go up in results. This includes vendors, friends, mentors and anyone that is relevant in the industry the small business operates in.
  • Description tags need to be added to every single site page. It is difficult to do this but it is well worth the effort. The description you manually add to the page is what the people using the search engine will see when they perform searches. Because of this, the description needs to contain a hook so people will be enticed to click.
  • Images are present on absolutely all websites but most companies do not know SEO so the images are not properly added. The trick is to basically include keywords in the added ALT box. The description is going to help Google understand what the image is about, which is definitely important. If this is a technique that is abused, all search engines can penalize the site so do be careful to always be honest with the ALT tags.
  • Using headlines help increase search engine rankings. They will increase the time that is spent on site by the visitors. Such a factor is important for ranking purposes. Headings are seen as being particularly important for the text that is present on a site. At the same time, since you add text, be sure that you also add around 2 links to high authority websites whenever relevant and to site pages that are connected so that the sitemap is stronger.

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