The Benefits and Drawbacks of Enterprise Mobile Video Conferencing


Technology is shaping the future of business. Every day it seems new technologies are launched that are supposed to make running a business easier and less expensive, promising an exciting future for companies that stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Video conference systems have evolved over time and have become less clunky and easier to use. As a business tool, video conferencing is now a commonly accepted method of communicating with employees, clients, vendors and business partners. Mobile video conferencing systems, like Blue Jeans Network, are easy to use and allow participants to join the meeting using their mobile phones and tablets. It so convenient and is a cost saving measure that many companies are implementing.

With this implementation come questions about not only the advantages of using video conferencing, but the drawbacks of this technology. Let’s explore some of the primary concerns for companies considering video conferencing.

Enterprise Mobile Video Conferencing

Connecting with your remote employees

A company’s overhead costs drop noticeably when employees work remotely, and productivity often increases. Saving money is great, but companies must learn how to manage their remote staff to keep them productive and happy.

Communication is essential to a healthy remote work setting. Being able to read those non-verbal cues during face to face meetings can signal problems or let a manager know their team is doing well. Communication also creates strong work relationships and that feeling of “team” so brainstorming sessions and meetings run smoother.  Technology helps keep the lines of communication open. A great tool to use in connecting with and communicating to your team is mobile video conferencing. You don’t need to purchase special equipment for your employees, again saving you money, since they can use their mobile phones or tablets to join meetings.

Provide training

Mobile video conferencing can be used to deliver training sessions to employees. No need to fly remote staff into town or rent a large meeting space when your employees can join the training sessions from their phones or tablets.

It is important to keep your employees up to date on new software or technologies your company is implementing, and video conferencing allows you to train employees on these new items. Also, if your company is launching a new product, you may need to train your workforce on how the new product works. Video conferencing is a perfect way to instruct employees and get their feedback in real time.

Save on travel costs

With business travel costs rising, many companies are reconsidering paying for staff to travel for meetings. Mobile video conferencing can save your company money by removing travel costs from meetings along with the cost of the productivity down time of traveling employees.

Adding additional employees to a video conference does not increase your costs, so you can easily add key staff members, allowing you to bring the right team together.

User Familiarity

Some employees easily adapt to new technologies, while others find having to learn yet another new technology disruptive.  Not only is mobile video conferencing system easy to use, but it allows your employees to use technology they are accustom to, their smartphones and tablets.  This makes the video conferencing experience feel familiar to your workforce.

Lack of time constraints

Before the days of mobile video conferencing, companies had to plan and schedule their meetings. This meant flying in employees and often paying for off-site meeting space. Today, companies can hold a meeting via video conferencing at any time of the day. Since no travel is required, you can even schedule international meetings at times convenient for all participants.

Your employees can reach managers and other staff immediately to have a face to face meeting without any setup hassles.

The cost

Years ago, the cost to set up video conferencing was an expensive proposition. Meeting rooms had to be designed with lights, cameras, hardware and software. Times have changed and mobile video conferencing system that can be used on your current smartphones and tablets.

However, for many small companies, the cost of implementing any type of video conferencing is a big drawback. However, if used wisely, they may find they can save money by reducing travel costs.

Lack of physical presence

Reading non-verbal communication cues are essential for business growth. There may be times when being with the people you must meet in person. A handshake can close a big deal. That handshake can’t be made over video. Some meetings do require that personal touch to be successful.

As you can see, there is a lot to like about mobile video conferencing. Video conferencing is a powerful tool that enhances employee communication, collaboration, and training sessions and reduces the costs companies incur for meetings, such as travel, hotel, meeting space rental and employee down time.

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