Beautify Your Desktop : How to Use Rainmeter


A step by step picturize Rainmeter tutorial. Even for complete noob.

1) Download the Rainmeter software from Still, there will be some users can’t find the download link for the software, so, take a look at the picture.

download page

2) A download box will appear, click ‘start download’.

3) Click on the downloaded Rainmeter program to install it on your computer.

4) While installing the program, there is an option whether to use 64 bit or 32 bit version. You may select this option based on version of windows you use. To know your Windows version, please right-click on My Computer and click properties.


5) Click on next to continue on installation. Once your installation is done, you will noticed a few Rainmeter Apps on your screen and a Rainmeter icon will appear on your bottom panel.

6) Your Rainmeter is now working, let’s proceed to make your desktop more interesting. There is few site that allow users to download the Rainmeter skin’s such as or For example, i’ll click on one of the skins.


7) A new webpage will appear and click Install Enigma.


8) Once the file is downloaded, open the file. An installer will install the new skin for your rainmeter.


9) Your new skin is now ready to use.

10) To make your skin more interesting, you can configure your skin according to your choice. You can drag the apps anywhere you want. You can also change the opacity of the apps.

Plus, you can use multiple skin at one time. To change the apps, right-click on the Rainmeter icon and select “Configs.” Choose the skin that you want to appear. If your new skin is not on the list, click on the Rainmeter “Refresh” option.

The skin allows you to add the “CPU bar,” which shows system information about your computer, such as memory and other hard drive information.
You can also add additional apps like clock, news, system and weather.


* If the skins downloaded is in Zip file, please unzip your downloaded skin by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “Extract” option.
Extract your downloaded skin to My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins.
You could also place the skin in a folder.


Having problems installing the skins or the program? Please drop a comment, you’ll be entertain soon.

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