Best Reward Credit Card Options


Credit cards are a great way for many people to earn rewards points towards other purchases. If used responsibly, you might be able to earn extra money. However, after British Airways devalued Avios, many people are wondering what their best credit card rewards options are.

There are many different credit card options for people who are interested in getting a card for the rewards. Credit companies often times offer extra incentives for people to apply for a credit card which can be beneficial to you. However, the decision is ultimately up to what a person’s goals are and what they want.

Credit Card Options

There are many different options out there. One of the most common rewards is getting free airline miles with purchases. Many people can earn free flights towards a vacation just by using a credit card for all of their daily purchases and paying it off.

These are great options for people that travel a lot and spend a lot of money flying. There are many people that do not fly much however, and an airline miles reward card is probably not the best option for them.

There are also credit cards that offer cash back on all purchases. Many times, different purchases are worth many different point levels. For example, many credit cards will offer a certain percentage back on all purchases, and additional percentages back on things like gas or food.

For the working  mum or dad, these small percentages add up over time. If a person spends £20,000 a year on their credit card and they get three percent cash back, that is over £600 that is now in their pocket more than before.

Managing Credit Cards

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that credit cards can be a great tool, but they also carry very high interest rates. If you are the type of person with very little self-control, they may be dangerous for your financial life.

At the end of the day, getting a couple hundred pounds per year in credit card rewards is not worth it if thousands of pounds in interest have to be paid. Credit card debt is one of the most pressing issues facing the UK, and many people have tens of thousands in credit card debt.

Credit cards are not a bad thing, and they can have great rewards, it is just important to remember that at the end of the day they do carry high interest when the balances are not paid on time. However, if properly managed, they can also offer great rewards.


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