Advantages & Disadvantages of Business Mobiles


Many businesses use smartphone and mobile phones in their day-to-day duties. The distribution of mobile phones to employees comes with both advantages and disadvantages in the workplace.

Using mobile phones can be seen as an easier option compared to the hassles of installing a traditional landline service.  A landline also often comes with a large initial deposit and ongoing monthly fees.  In comparison, mobiles tend to require no start up fees.

Mobile phones for businesses do come with their disadvantages as seen on tech news though, as they require recharging, can lose network connection and require wireless connection outside of the office.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages for using business mobiles for your company:


Mobile phones offer the best flexibility when it comes to a telephone service.  They give the ability for your employees to work and travel outside the office without missing important calls.

In addition, the internet connectivity that companies rely on in this day and age is often covered by wireless.

The downside is that employees can feel overwhelmed by forcing themselves to work at home immediately after they wake up, or late in the evening’s as their phones flash up with work-related emails.  These problems can also occur on holiday.


Mobile phones can offer large cost-savings, particularly in small businesses when compared to a business landline and wired internet service.  The bigger the company the more the cost becomes an issue though as issuing every employee with a phone, each requiring a monthly payment, can total up to more than the price of a telephone system ad a shared internet connection.


Although the breakthrough in mobile technology over the past few years alone has been somewhat remarkable, mobile phones do still have their restrictions and technical limitations.

Unlike landline phones, mobile phones can lose service.  For example, businesses in rural areas could have limited or even no service, and wireless coverage can also be limited.

In addition, your carrier may even limit the number of talk time minutes for your employees, as well as putting a volume on the amount of data transfer per month.

Many carriers also require your business to sign a contract for your service to lock you down to the service for a set fee over a period of time.  Any problems that then creep up can be costly until your contract expires.

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