8 Cool iPhone Accessories


Here we take a light-hearted look at 10 totally unnecessary iPhone accessories that only the true gadget-addict would consider a good investment.

Have a laugh as you wander through the gallery, and let us know any kooky iPhone add-ons you’ve spotted in the comments below.

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1. iCarta Toilet Roll Holder

We’re almost lost for words with this one, however we would advise if you visit an acquaintance’s powder room and it features the Stereo Dock for iPod/iPhone with “Bath Tissue” Holder, run away. Fast.

icarta - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

2. iType

We can see how a keyboard would work with the iPad, but it’s overkill for the iPhone, which is likely why this effort from ION is no longer available.

itype - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

3. iPhone Gadget Holster

Thought it couldn’t get worse than a belt clip? Then you need to see

eholster - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

4. Iphone TV Hat

While no longer available, anyone who splashed the cash on this ridiculous contraption should have their purchasing decisions vetted from now on. And possibly lose the right to vote.

tv-hat - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

5. Marware Game Grip

Want to make your iPhone look like something Batman might throw at a bad guy? Then this $40 add-on will sort you right out.

Marware-Game-Grip - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

6. Freehands Gloves

No, it’s cold climate handwear for the iAddicted. If you buy gloves on the basis of how well you can use your phone whilst wearing them, we think you might be a little

ihand - ridiculous iphone accessories - inspiredmagz

7. Hoodie

By all means get a case for your iPhone, but don’t try and anthropomorphize it with clothing.


8. Telephoto Lens

If you want a camera with a gazillion times zoom, then go buy one, and not this absurd accessory.

UPDATE: If you are into your accessories for your phone, make sure you have are up to date with the model. The new iphone 5 has not been out long so this would be the best choice for these accessories.

  1. ipadwise says

    I really like first few item, a real fun. Thanks for this list…!!

    1. Syafz says

      you are welcome. Feel free to visit this site again 🙂

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